Trump Boycotting GOP debate

Trump Boycotting GOP debate

In light of the recent turn of events surrounding the last GOP debate, I decided to touch on a topic which I believe is quite interesting. On January 28,2016, Donald Trump decided to boycott the GOP debate well actually he announced on Tuesday that he wouldn’t but then followed through with his words on the 28th. Even though Trump has made some bold moves in the past which led him to even more publicity did he think boycotting the GOP debate would lead to good publicity?

One thing Donald Trump knows how to do is get publicity. According to The Washington Post, Trump said he believes Fox and other television networks have been taking
advantage of him by selling advertisements for their debates at a high premium. You may ask yourself what did he do since he skipped the debate, well Trump said he would instead host a competing event in the state designed to raise money for wounded veterans, as a result raised more than $6 million and $1 million of it was from his own checkbook. Which is a big step from where we stood earlier in the election when he made the comment referencing to Joe Biden “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” images.jpgWhich in response made many veterans extremely angry, but still led to publicity. Now I can see how Donald Trump is trying to help the veterans feel less angry at him by this act of kindness by raising money to help the wounded veterans and that does lead to good publicity.

Even though the news wasn’t so pleased with the actions of Mr. Trump, I am. Even though Trump feels as if Megyn Kelly and her cast from Fox News are “out to get him” and him boycotting the debate helped him to avoid the direct questioning from Megyn and her co-moderators. I’m taking in consideration Trump could have decided to boycott the debate and do absolutely nothing.  The fact he boycotted the debate and did something honorable this is something that should be recognized and maybe we can change the ways we hold debates in a way that can help our people, while also getting good publicity just like what Trump did.

Hannah Brown


How Did We Get Here?


How ridiculous, students getting hurt over racial slurs and “other incidents” to later then go on strike until the president of Missouri stepped down.  On November 9, 2015, former President Tim Wolfe and chancellor of the flagship campus, R. Bowen Loftin stepped down from their position. As former president Tim Wolfe stepped down he asked “How did we get here?”, well that is a wonderful question.images

Eliot C. McLaughlin, a writer for CNN since 2005, writes “African-American students at Missouri have complained of inaction on the part of school leaders in dealing with racism on the overwhelmingly white Columbia campus. Black student leaders have conveyed their displeasure over students openly using racial slurs and other incidents.” Once the students let their voice be heard multiple organizations such as the football team, and the student association asked Mr. Wolfe to step down. Once the football team threatened to not play or practice until Jonathan imgresButler, student who was a major factor of this movement,  ended his hunger strike. Which led to the Tim Wolfe stepping down, mainly because if the football team did not play their upcoming game against BYU that would mean the University having to pay a million dollars.

This incident is absolutely ridiculous, I completely agree that racials slurs should come to a stop but 1st amendment states we have the freedom of speech. Whoever is saying these racial slurs can say whatever they want, I don’t think it’s right but it happens. Chancellor Loftin ordered a mandatory sensitivity training for faculty and students, but that wasn’t good enough for the African- American students they wanted more. Then students later stating “Every student’s ability to learn is now affected and threatened by the campus climate.” also “The academic careers of our students are suffering. The mental health of our campus is under constant attack. Our students our being ignored.” If these students truly feel as if “the academic careers of our students are suffering” why not transfer schools? Why stay at a school that doesn’t represent who you are and who you want to be? The University of Missouri took reasonable actions into finding a solution for this issue. That wasn’t good enough so they pushed the president out of his job and the position he held, which led to the Chancellor also stepping down. How did that solve their problem? It didn’t, the students put all the blame onto the president. They set the man up for failure, he can’t force his students to stop all racial slurs because they have the right to freedom of speech. However, what Mr. Wolfe did along with Mr. Loftin wasn’t as effective as the student’s would have liked but the issue wasn’t ignored and in the near future they could have figured out a better solution. As for the coaches and the student athletes that’s a whole different disrespect to their university. First the coaches are being paid to do something they love, to work with these student athletes make them better and to bring home a win. The fact these coaches didn’t defend the university, who they work for is incredible. I understand these coaches would lose all respect from their athletes but they aren’t paid to be favored. As for the student athletes is shocking how they refuse to play until President Tim Wolfe stepped down. It’s shocking to me these students receive a free tuition (for a resident of Missouri the cost is around $25,514 and for a non-resident it’s $40,126) to play the sport they love, football. These students were out of line and should realize they could have been easily replaced with an athlete who was willing to play football for a free education.

The ignorant people who are saying these slurs should get punished for not representing the university they attend. As for the students being “affected and threatened by the campus climate” why not leave? If your academic career is suffering why not change the atmosphere you are around and attend a college that better suits the atmosphere you need to succeed. As a high school senior I have found my number one school. If someone was saying racial slurs to me at the school of my dreams, it’s an opportunity to become the bigger person and reply “I hope you have a great day, God bless you” and walk on. You go to college for number one the education, but also for the experiences that will transform you. I feel bad for Mr. Wolfe and Mr. Loftin having to step down due to the ignorant kids who can’t keep their mouth shut and to the kids who felt removing the president is the best idea. In the society we live in we have to baby everyone, we let kids get away with whatever they want. It’s not the university’s fault, it’s what we let the kids get away with by their physical actions and by what they say. Somehow we have got to a time where the kid/student is always right no matter what, and the adult is just wrong. Which is exactly what happened here students ran their mouths off, which led to students being offended, and when the president didn’t make the necessary actions that the student’s who were offended felt were just, he lost his job.