Comparing Generations

1943-1945, the period of time which brought to light the greatest generation in modern american history. 1999-2016, the emergence of the weakest generation in all of american history. Two vastly different time periods, home to two vastly different groups of people, and I intend to bring to light the main points which make them polar opposites.


          Perhaps embodying the quote the John F. Kennedy would coin years later, the young men and women of america in the early to mid 1940’s dedicated their lives to the upkeep of their country without thinking twice. Boys no older than 18 charged the largest beach-head in history on June 6th, 1944, and continued charging, wave after wave until their foe could take no more. In the pacific these boys did this almost weekly while hopping from island to island in some of the most gruesome fighting in history. Despite this, more than 6 million of these men were volunteers, doing what had to be done to defend their country. Today however, I am disgusted to find men and women in my age group calling out for “safe zones” on college campuses because most of my generation lacks a sizeable spine, and the mental power to deal with somebody else’s opinion. We are the result of the “everybody gets a trophy” idea and that means that somebody has anything that is better than we have, we throw a fit, and call them a bigot, selfish, or sexist depending on the situation. To top it all off, we are hypocrites. When asked whether or not they supported a war with the islamic state (ISIL) 60% of millennials asked said yes, however, only 15% were willing to serve in the U.S. Military. Essentially, my generation wants to fight for what is right, but wants someone else to do the fighting for them.


          Today we see a wave of groups “calling for action” against things which would simply have rolled off the backs of the greatest generation. To give an example, we have groups crying out to end bullying, gun ownership, and anything else that is “non-P.C.”  When it comes to bullying, I agree that it is definitely wrong, but I speak as someone who has experienced dreadful bullying in my previous school when I say that the best way to protect yourself or someone else from it, it to help them understand that it a common part of life. Teach them to accept that and develop their mental resilience to the point that they don’t let the words of others affect them. The last thing you want to do is provide a “Safe Place” for them to run to and cower behind, that will only continue to make us weaker. On the matter of gun ownership we have seen a great decline in respect for firearms between the generations at hand. While for the greatest generation firearms were seen, and treated as the tools they are. Today however, more and more people are becoming “afraid” of these tools because of a popular notion spread by uneducated authoritative figures, that all guns are bad, and the only thing a gun is good for is mass murder. This is a defining difference between these two generations, while one grew up carrying a .22 through town, learned gun safety in schools, and used these tools extensively, the other has been “sheltered” from a false evil and is now spreading these ideas to the next generation, helping to spread the weakness. Most importantly, the “millennial” generation is operating on a frame work of “Political Correctness” which essentially tells everyone to not share their opinions if it may offend someone. Quite frankly I think this is the most disgusting policy I have ever heard of. People should never be made to censor themselves in order to not “offend” someone. If you don’t like what someone has to say, ken their metaphorical skin. All that this sheltering accomplishes is making our younger generations weaker when it comes to real world issues then you don’t have to listen, much less accept it. My point is that people need to grow a spine, and thicken their metaphorical skin. All that this sheltering accomplishes is making our younger generations weaker when it comes to real world issues.

-Zack Switalski


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