Make America Great Again

You either love him or you hate him, Donald Trump is stealing the spotlight from all the other republican candidates. Looking at the headlines of articles there either overwhelmingly positive or very negative. But after the New Hampshire primary many reports have stated that Republicans need to start treating Donald Trump as the front-runner of the republican presidential candidate. At the very least, Republicans can no longer afford to hope Trump fades out on his own, unless they’re ready for him to be their nominee.


Donald Trump

Just because Trump is the only republican candidate that steals the spotlight in both positive and negative ways, the republicans need to look at the other candidates just as much as they do for Donald Trump. The other candidates might not have as much money as Trump but they might have better ideas. We as voters need to take into account that the more we fuel Trump’s fire, the more outrageous he becomes. We are running out of time to pick a new republican candidate.

In government, most of the class responded that they would like a president that understands the struggle of the average American person. They wanted someone that was confident without being cocky. They wanted someone who spoke from the heart and not a sheet of paper, or had someone else’s words coming out of their mouth. All the other candidates meet those requirements.

Now how is Donald Trump a relatable American? He came out of college with 1 million dollars already in his name, given to him by his father, then given another 2 million dollars. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like an average American. Donald Trump, also the star of a reality TV show, owner of his own private jet, and of the Trump towers. Trump was married to model Ivana Zelnicek from 1977-92 and to Marla Maples from 1993-99. He married his third wife, Slovenian model Melania Knauss, on 22 January 2005. Trump went suddenly on the skids in 1990, finding himself over $900 million in debt and facing bankruptcy. Not your average American, and if Trump finds himself in $900 million dollars debt and facing bankruptcy, how will he handle America’s finances.images.jpg

Now on the topic of being confident and not cocky, I’m not sure if you could call Trump that man. Trump has bashed on Mexicans, Muslims, Obama, disabled, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Cruz. Even though Americans may like candidates who are politically correct, they at least have to take into consideration that the candidate has to be respectful. If, again if, Trump became our president with the technology today other countries could search Trump and easily pull up what he has said about their country.

Now, maybe it’s just me but, maybe Trump has already said too many offensive things to win over the votes of the American people. We have to think about the future, and teaming with other countries. We can’t search the internet to see if Trump has said something offensive about that country before we partner with them.

Shouldn’t we go into a new presidency period with a sense of hope and not a sense of dread. We should in a sense start over with a clean slate, and not build on to the things said during the running for president. Instead, we should put our time into elevating the numbers of a candidate that actually deserves our votes because of the good ideas and political correctness. Not because he said something offensive about a certain group of people and he has no filter, sometimes having a filter is a good thing and can be used to your advantage. How should we make America great again? By taking all the candidates into consideration, listing their pros and cons, and seeing what the candidates say and how they say it. Not just because a candidate has lots of money and no matter what they do there will be no punishment.


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