Importance roles that a President plays.

Little did you know, there is a lot the President does that most people probably didn’t know about. Obviously people know that the President has the most power but there is so much more to it that the word “power”. Also there are so many roles the President plays that people don’t even think about or even give credit to the President for. This all fits under the Executive branch. The Executive branch is the branch of federal and state government that is broadly responsible for implementing, supporting, and enforcing the laws made by the legislative branch and interpreted by the judicial branch. To me the Executive branch is the most important branch of all. One word to describe the Executive branch would be power.

In the Article, “Presidential Power and the Modern Presidents”, written by Richard Neustadt, is a well rounded article about the President’s power. The President has many “powers”. There are three topics that Neustadt brought up that really stand out to me about the President involving his powers. When the president is trying to accomplish something he needs all the help he can get. These three things are the power to persuade, professional reputation, and public prestige. The power to persuade is the way the president gives off his advise letting the people know that he wants what is best for them. The people will obviously want this because they want what is best for them. If they hear the President saying this they will be more on his side with it. The President’s reputation is the second biggest topic from Neustadt. A good reputation is wanted by everyone, especially the President. The President’s reputation is very important because this is how the whole world sees him. He wants to have a well rounded reputation because he wants everyone to be on his side. Neustadt also says, “The President’s reputation comes into play by how reliant the government’s infrastructure has on the president to carry out his legislation.” So basically the President’s reputation is very important. The last topic that Neustadt talks about is public prestige. The way the President expresses himself out in the public is also how everyone views him. The public has no direct association with the President and the government but the public is still an important role to the President. One quote that Neustadt said caught my eye and I thought it was really nicely directed to the public prestige. The quote is, “Prestige counts in power by establishing some checks upon resistance from the men engaged in governing.” These three topics play a big role in Presidency.

Another big thing about the Presidency is all of the roles the President plays. The President is in charge of so many things, the public doesn’t even realize. I think that all of these roles are almost equally important. But a few of them would be Chief of State, Chief Administrator, Commander in Chief, and Chief Citizen. The Chief of State is the ceremonial head of the US. He or she is then the symbol of all of the people of the nation. In many countries, the chief of state reigns but does not rule. But that is not the case of the President of the Us. The president both rules and reigns. This would probably be the biggest role a President has. They are running the whole country and their actions shape the country’s actions as well. The Chief of Administrator is the director of the huge executive branch of the federal Government. He or she heads one of the largest governmental machines the world has ever known. Today, the president directs an administration that employs more than 2.7 million civilians and spends more than $3 trillion a year. Managing a sprawling executive branch is only one of the President’s several jobs. The Commander in Chief is the Commander of the nation’s armed forces. The 1.4 million men and women in uniform and all of the nation’s military might are subject to the President’s direct and immediate control. The Constitution actually gives Congress some significant powers in foreign affairs and over the military, but the president has long since become dominate in both fields. President Obama is having a hard time with being the Commander in Chief. He has been wanting to take troops out of Afghanistan maybe hoping thing would get better but this is what people are worried about. They don’t want President Obama to take troops out of Afghanistan. He isn’t really doing this to the peoples advantage. He isn’t making public prestige or persuasion; like when Neustadt explained those powers. In an Article on CNN called, “Obama halts Afghanistan troop withdrawal” President Obama gets together with Ghani, the Afghan president, to talk about the troop situation. Even Ghani said they wanted to have peace but President Obama is still trying to take troops out of the war. President Obama is not listening to the people when he is working with this situation. So he is not using his “powers” as president as he should. The last role that I think is really important is the Chief Citizen. The president is expected to be “the representatives of all the people”. He or she is expected to take the high road and champion the public interest against the many different and competing private interests. I feel like this role goes with the Chief of State because this also has to do with the actions the president makes. The world will view him and know him based off of his actions.

The President’s have so many powers and roles that they have to play all at once. It must be hard but even the perfect president struggles with making everyone happy. It is hard to keep a well balanced job with one or two tasks but try around eight or nine. It is important for the President to take care of his duties so that the people in this world are being taken care of.

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