The Story Behind Presidential Candidate Ben Carson

Ben-CarsonBen Carson is a retired neurosurgeon running for the Republican nomination in the 2016 election. Author, Surgeon, and Philanthropist, Ben Carson, separates himself from other candidates because although he experienced struggle and hardship early in his life, he worked his way up to being a renowned neurosurgeon and having extensive political and economic knowledge.  B. Carson was born in a poor family in Detroit, Michigan, and although his mother was an under-educated woman, she always pushed her sons into following their studies and believing in themselves. Doctor Carson, went from being a poor student in school to become a director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital by the time he was only 33 years old. He truly demonstrated the value of the American dream, starting from the bottom and working your way up through society.

Beside his difficult childhood with bad grades and anger issues, Ben Carson became a prestigious doctor in the following years. Carson graduated with honors from Southwestern and earned a full scholarship to Yale, receiving a B.A. degree in psychology in 1973. Later on, Carson attended the School of Medicine at the University of Michigan to become a neurosurgeon. One of his most popular performed surgeries as a director of pediatric neurosurgery  was the separation of occipital craniopagus twins in Germana47bbe25-a148-40fc-91ac-8ce3627d98a2y, which eventually earned him an international reputation. After several successful surgeries of separating conjoined twins in different countries, Ben Carson began traveling across the country telling his story and sharing his philosophy of life.

After years of successful surgeries, a busy schedule, and a number of honorary doctorate degrees, Carson decided to step away from his career and settle down a little. Following his recovery to prostate cancer, Ben Carson wrote several books over his own life, success, philosophy and religious faith. In 2012, he decided to retire from his career as a surgeon and focus more on politics.

He is not widely regarded as an electable candidate, as he has a relatively narrow appeal. Analysts do not expect Carson to succeed among the libertarian demographic for the GOP, as his appeal is widely restricted to evangelical conservatives. However, as an experienced and renowned doctor, he would be better suited as a Surgeon General rather than as a President, given he has no experience in politics. Former members of Ben Carson’s campaign have said he cannot gather “one intelligible word” about the current situation in the Middle East, and his foreign policy advisor has since left his campaign due to a growing frustration with Carson (Read more). Although a very religious affiliated man, he has taken a strong stand against the politically correct movement. As for example when it comes to waterboarding terrorists, Ben Carson’s is completely in favor of it because he says, “there’s no such thing as political correctness when you’re fighting an enemy”.

From his bad grades at school and anger management issues as a kid to his world-class neurosurgeon skills, Ben Carson has demonstrated throughout his career that he’s capable of doing all sorts of things. With his successful and very complex surgeries, I’d say he is very capable of making crucial decisions on the spot, and that he would make a great Surgeon General for the United States. Ben Carson has been an interesting candidate to follow during the 2016 presidential elections, we’ll have to wait and see what more is in store for him in the near future.

By Jose G (@GOV_JoseG)






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