The Rubio Agenda

Marco Rubio is a Republican Senator from Florida running for President in 2016. Rubio has extensive experience in political planning and strategizing, as seen in his career as a Senator, and previously in Florida’s House of Representatives. Rubio has demonstrated determination and hard-work in his political career, makes successful plans with realistic goals, focuses on what the people need and what is best for the country. He has demonstrated capabilities that show his potential to fulfill the roles of the President.

Rubio was born in Florida in 1971, born of Cuban immigrants. He was one of four children, and his parents worked hard to provide for the family. His father spent many years as a bartender and his mother worked many retail and marketing jobs. His interest in law and politics came from his uncle, who used to read him newspaper articles to him and his siblings. Rubio was an avid football player, and received an athletic scholarship to Tarkio College in Missouri. However, within a year, he returned to Florida to finish his schooling. After completing his undergraduate at the University of Florida in 1993, he completed his graduate Law degree in 1996.

His career in politics began when he was elected to the West Miami City Commission in 1998. The next year, Rubio became involved in state politics on the House of Representatives. By 2003, he was considered the majority leader, pushing for legislative changes, and later being named Speaker of the House. As the speaker, he urged for policy changes and reform within state government. He held many gatherings with local Florida residents to hear their ideas and come up with plans. From these ideas, Rubio put together several legislatures which he called “100 Innovative Ideas for Florida’s Future,” half of which became laws.

Controversy arose when media discovered that Rubio had lied about his family past. He claimed that his parents had fled Cuba during the revolution, when in reality they left the country before Castro was in power. However, this had very little impact on his campaign, being that his policies urged to drastically decrease federal spending. Throughout his political career, he has had successful ideas made into laws, and has made a positive and influential name for himself. In 2012, he was a consideration for a running mate of Mitt Romney. However, he was not interested in a vice-presidential nomination. The Republican party saw him as a good candidate because of his ties with and likely support from the Latino community.

In April of 2015, Rubio announced his plans to run for President in 2016. He gave a speech in his hometown of Miami, explaining how he came to this decision and his plans for running. Rubio stated, “We’ve reached a moment now, not just in my career, but the history of our country, where I believe that it needs a Republican Party that is new and vibrant, that understands the future, has an agenda for the future. And I feel uniquely qualified to offer that.” This statement shows his optimistic outlook on the changing future, and his determination to be what this country needs.

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