Should We Make Voter Registration Easier?

Should We Make Voter Registration Easier?

To be honest, voter registration has never really been on my mind until recently. I did not know what the process was or how it happened. I used to think that if I had to vote, it would be a huge process where I was going to be asked a lot of questions about America. But a few years ago when I asked my mom how you were to register to vote, it astonished me how easy it was. And now being eighteen, going through the process myself. It is scary to think that, people that do now know that much about politics are able to vote.From a person who has not really been involved in politics to all of a sudden being thrown into the world of politics, it is scary to think about how much one vote can do. Not to mention those of us who have just turned eighteen can easily be manipulated into voting for someone without putimgresting that much though into it. It is crazy to think that people want to make it easier to vote. If you do not know how to register right now and think it should be easier… maybe you shouldn’t be voting in the first place.


Bernie Sanders uses the young minds of new voters to his advantage. As of now, most of his supporters are college-age and are following him to Iowa to support him. According to the, “ In 2008, it did indeed succeed in bringing out unprimages.jpgecedented numbers of young voters, and those under 30 made up 22 percent of the Democratic caucus-goers. But four years before, when John Kerry won, young voters were 17 percent of the caucus-goers — a little less, but not an enormous difference. The reason the increase was only a few points was that everyone turned out in larger numbers in 2008, young and old alike.”  So even though many of Bernie’s young voters are coming out to support him in Iowa, he will need more than the youth to help.

In conclusion, if voting were made more accessible to young voters, it would not make that much of a different because it take more than the youth of America to vote for the next president. The next president will be chosen by a the greater mass of America’s youth and elders. I believe that making voter registration will not make that much of a difference because registration is already easy as it is. 



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