Feeling the Bern?

imagesWhen people spoke of the democratic nominee for the 2016 election most people instantly thought about Hillary Clinton until just recently. But now in dramatic fashion Bernie Sanders is coming in with a lot of momentum. The socialist Vermont senator spent less than a third of what Hillary Clinton spent in Iowa yet they still tied. The big question is how is Bernie Sanders reeling in so many votes over democratic power Hillary Clinton and who is going to win it?

Many Democrats are probably beginning to wonder if Hillary Clinton is electable or not due to her email scandal about Benghazi and other scandalous allegations and there is only one other Democrat that has any chance to win being Bernie Sanders. What Bernie Sanders has done is he has completely captured the youth democratic vote. From ages 18-44 Bernie Sanders is reeling in an unbelievable 76% of the votes compared to Hillary Clinton taking in 23%. He has completely taken young America by storm and is running away with their vote. Why do young people like Bernie so much? In recent decades American education has been shifted further left than before and with many people growing up in the Obama era, they are in absolute awe of another far left president. Most young Americans have not been able to see the collapse of a group of socialist economies, how much we spend on welfare and how many other problems Bernie endorses. They are drowned in how big and bad conservative America is through the depth of the liberal media.

Due to Bernie’s age this will probably be his last campaign but are self proclaimed socialists the potential future of the country? According to many studies in young voters, they quite possibly could be. The GOP’s time might be ticking if they do not win this election. The country has shifted further left in the last eight years than in the previous 200. If Bernie Sanders is elected the GOP might completely collapse and people might slowly begin to forget what it ever was. But more importantly than the GOP collapsing, this nation’s economy will crash like never before.

He is going to change everything this economy was built on: a competitive, free market capitalist economy where everyone has an opportunity to go from rags to riches if they play their cards right. It has worked for 200 years to build the World’s largest economy ever. Giving people free money as a form of an economy has not ever worked in this World and will never work. We have more people out of work than ever before in this country and that number will not shrink if Senator Sanders is elected. Haiti is the largest recipient of American money in the Americas and also happens to have the smallest economy out of all countries in the Americas. North Korea and South Korea started as two identical countries when they were divided. North Korea became a socialist economy while South Korea took the capitalist approach and now the average South Korean makes sixteen times what the average North Korean makes a year. There is nothing else to say about socialism, two countries populated by the same ethnicity choose two different types of economies. The evidence is unbarable.

Young people across America need to wake up. A socialist running the United States of America is something that should never happen. This country was built on free market capitalism and that should never change. It is what made America great and is what skyrocketed our economy to the largest ever. Bernie Sanders is not the candidate for America.



About SaintsGOV16
We are students in Dr. Ostroff's sections of U.S. Government at All Saints' Episcopal School in Fort Worth, Texas. (www.aseschool.org).

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