The President’s overstep their Power

Most people view the President to be all powerful. They think he has the power to do whatever it is he wants, within reason, however, that is not the case. The President has 8 roles that he must fill. His roles according to Magruder’s American Government are 1) Unknownchief of state, 2) chief executive, 3) chief administrator, 4) chief diplomat, 5) commander in chief, 6) chief legislator, and 8) chief citizen. When candidates run for Presidency we hear them say what they are going to do, but some of the things they say are not within reason because what they want has to go through Congress in order for it to actually happen. Candidates and Presidents tend to say what the voters want to hear so they have a better chance of being voted for. Most voters do not know that what they candidates and Presidents say actually has to get passed by Congress before it can actually happen. Presidents are limited to what they can do and occasionally they can overstep their power by doing what they think is right or by doing what they want to do.

USA Today says, “ The House Judiciary Committee will vote to launch a task force to examine the historic increase in presidential power and executive overreach, which is distorting the system of checks and balances enshrined in the Constitution.” The Constitution clearly says that it is the Congress’s job to make laws, the judiciary to interpret the laws, and the president to enforce the laws. This was created hundreds of years ago in order to save individual liberty and the rule of law. It is known that the executive overreach is much higher under Obama. He has failed many different times to enforce acts of Congress in which he disagrees on.

President Obama recently created a plan involving immigration rules, which provides up Unknownto five million people with work permits and protection from deportation. According to nytimes the appeals court suggested that the the President exceeded his authority by using the program to grant benefits without a congressional mandate. Since the President is limited to the powers he has, he stepped over his power. Before this plan, known as the Deferred Action for Parents of American Children, began it was stopped by a Federal District Court judge in Texas. The judge said that it would be very costly to Texas and the government did not follow the correct procedures for enacting the new immigration rules. According to it is being discussed whether Obama violated not just federal immigration statutes but the Constitution as well. Since Obama did not follow the correct procedures for enacting these rules, the court may narrow its ruling to the immigration issue.

Unknown-1Obama is not the only one that has overstepped his power, President Abraham Lincoln did as well. talks about 10 facts about Abraham Lincoln and one of these facts has to do with him overstepping his power. At the beginning of the war, Marylander tried to interfere with the North’s military mobilization by disrupting the rail lines, rioting, and grumbling about leaving the Union. Lincoln’s response to that was suspending writ of habeas corpus in the state, allowing his agents to imprison anyone without trial or probable cause. When the courts heard about this they ruled that Lincoln has overstepped his constitutional bounds, but he ignored them. His act was considered unconstitutional because he did not go through the correct process to get this done and out of his 8 roles of being a President, it does not state that he is able to do this.

Presidents not following what they are supposed to do should be concerning to us. When he does not follow the rules he is reversing the votes of the people’s representatives in Congress. When the president refuses to enforce parts of statutes that he signed into law, he is making a mockery of our system of government and is avoiding accountability.



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