Stewardship and Conservative Theories

Stewardship and conservative theories have classified presidents throughout history. President Obama has been catagorized under the Stewardship theory; one of the reasons being, his views on gun control. Other presidents however, have been categorized under the conservative theory because they stick to the constitution and do not want to change it.


President Roosevelt



The stewardship theory: stronger and more effective Presidents have taken a broad view of the powers of the office. Whatever is necessary to protect the American people. These are views of presidents such as Teddy Roosevelt. Then there are Presidents like Obama, who side more with this theory and decided how they run the country based on what they believe is best for the American people. They do not care if the constitution says anything against it if they believe the American people will benefit from it they will try. The conservative theory: a strong executive is a threat to liberty; therefor, presidents must interpret the powers of the office narrowly- within strict Constitutional limits. William Howard Taft was categorized with the conservative theory because of the way he rebuilt the country during his term as President of the United States. Presidents who relate more to this theory want to help Americans in any way possible, but they will not go against what the constitution says. They believe the constitution is the final word and would never try and change or go against it. Presidents that side with the conservative theory focus on rebuilding the country, rather than start large, elaborate projects.


William Howard Taft


President Obama has tried to pass many things during his term as President that he thinks will help the American people as a whole. He has passed ObamaCare which was a very big change for our country. Although Obama passed ObamaCare in hopes to make healthcare available to all Americans it also created some controversy. It was originally passed so that health care would be affordable to all Americans, but it was not as successful as they had first hoped. Many people do not like how they are required to purchase health insurance. He also tried to pass gun control policies that he believed would benefit the United States, but have not really worked out. He has not stopped trying to pass gun control laws because he fully believes having laws against buying and selling guns will keep Americans safer. His newest set of executive orders says that, any individual who sells a gun to a friend or family member could be required to get a federal firearms or gun dealer’s license and then do a federal background check on the buyer. This is not a requirement now, but he will not stop trying to pass gun control laws because he thinks that will keep Americans safe. Many Americans oppose Obama’s ideas of gun control. They support the second amendment and do not think it should be changed.

I believe this is an accurate representation of Obama’s presidency. He tries to create opportunities that he believes will help the United States instead of trying to rebuild and reform the country. The stewardship and conservative theories are great ways to decide which candidate you will vote for, for president.



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