635881561873682265976969989_Immigration-MapA huge debate sweeping the news is the issue of immigration. Fox News reports on the thousands of illegal children who crossed the Mexican border in October of 2015. Swaying to the conservative side, Fox News finds this to be an outrage and stabs at holes in our government. They report mostly on the failure this country and ties it back to our immigration system. The United States government should have existing immigration laws, provide more security at both borders and focus on the better good of all U.S. citizens. Our current immigration system provides many ways for people from foreign countries to enter our country as legal residents or become a U.S. citizen.

Once immigrants enter our country legally, they can pursue U.S. Citizenship. This is a process where immigrants apply to become citizens of the U.S., which allows them to live here indefinitely and take advantage of many benefits and opportunities. Citizenship is usually the next step after obtaining a green card for people who want to live in the U.S.

Undocumented immigration, often called illegal immigration, occurs when foreigners bypass the visa process and enter the U.S. by crossing the border or obtain a visa, but overstay the allotted time period. Undocumented immigration has become a highly political topic that currently dominates the news media.

Today there are many people who work around our immigration laws and enter the U.S. illegally. The most common way is people cross the Mexican border over to California, Arizona, New Mexico or Texas.   Some have kids born in the U.S, which means the kids are automatically citizens. This makes it difficult to deport the parents because they are the kid’s immediate family.
Andrew P. Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, is the senior judicial analyst at Fox News Channel and author of Immigration, President Obama and the Rule of Law, says, “President Obama has long wished to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws to make it easier for people who are here illegally to remain here and to make it easier for them eventually to acquire the attributes of citizenship.” During his first term in office, President Obama tried to get federal laws regarding immigration change. When they were rejected, he governed by pen and phone to issue executive orders in 2012 that were the same as the ones Congress rejected. He ordered an end to deportation of certain undocumented people if they met certain standards.

This week, twenty-six states, led by Texas, sued the federal government because of the financial burdens the undocumented placed on these states. The undocumented people were being given the same financial stability and social safety as the lawful residents. The states also argued that the president was exceeding his authority.

Clinton Rossiter would argue that President Obama is over stepping his role as Chief Legislator. Rossiter defines Chief Legislator as, “the principal author of its public policies. Most often, it is the President who sets the overall shape of the congressional agenda- initiating, suggesting, requesting, insisting, and demanding that congress enact most of the major pieces of legislation that it does.” With these six roles stated in the Constitution, it is what is expected from the president. It is understood that the president enforces the laws; he does not write them. He stands behind the Constitution and federal laws, even if he does not agree with them. It is his oath to office that commits him to be faithful.


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