Hello, Iowa Caucus

A caucus is defined as a closed meeting of members of a political party who gather to select delegates to the national convention, which can take multiple h45238_600ours to complete. At the national conventions, each party adopts a platform, or statement of its principles and objectives. Their stance is presented and then they focus on the key-notes to glorify the leader of their party. Caucus night is more time consuming than any other political event, because it includes discussing candidates, picking convention delegates and dealing with state party business. The parties that run the caucuses, have several different processes amid their slight similarities. Fifteen percent of support is required to be viable in some caucuses. Delegates are distributed based on the percentage of support each candidate received. All of these rules will apply when Iowa caucus happen Monday night, February 1, 2016.

On Monday night, February 1, 2016 the first caucus will take place in Des Moines, Iowa. Republican and Democratic candidates Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders participated in the Iowa in order to win their parties votes in Iowa.  CNN states, Polk County, the home of Des Moines and the state’s most delegate-rich area, looks more like Clinton’s territory: It’s the state’s largest urban area, and she has campaigned heavily both in its downtown and suburban regions. African-Americans and Latinos, small in number as they are in Iowa, could be the key to a Clinton victory.” Iowa is a state in which presidential votes could go either way, Democratic or Republican, a swing state. So well known candidates like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump take advantage of this and campaign there to get the locals of the state to be on their side. Last night, the Iowa caucus a tight, nail biting experience, because both Democratic and Republicans representatives were very close together in votes throughout the entire caucus process. Because mostly all of the candidates had a strong platform or statement of its principles and objectives, their intentions they will focus on one in office the ending results of the caucus were significantly close.

Although CNN states, “The Republican front-runner’s appeal to disaffected conservatives — and some independents and “Reagan Democrats,” too — will be tested immediately. If he succeeds in drawing a huge turnout, it’s a positive sign for Trump long past Iowa,” it seems that Trump did not quit end up on top. On the Republican side of the political spectrum Ted Cruz trumps Trump, leaving Trump in second and Rubio in a close third. While on the other hand, Hillary proves CNN writer Eric Brander to be true. Hillary wins the Democratic vote over Sanders, leaving O’Malley to become a shadow in the valley, because of the undercoverage he received since the beginning of the election and he could not quite caught up.

I believe that in any election, each candidate should present themselves in a way as if they were already the president. In my eyes, the candidate that is the epitome, the embodiment of this is Donald Trump, because whether or not you agree with what he is putting on the table, he has a presence, a voice about him that catches one’s attention. he is the type of candidate that makes you stop and reevaluate what you thought to be true. So in a caucus how a candidate presents their case is one of the most important parts of the election. This is a determining factor that decides how much coverage a candidate gets. Do you wanna be a Trump or an O’Malley? Wait, O’Malley who?





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