Extra! Extra! The Executive checks the President, and keeps the U.S. a democracy!

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Alyssa R.

Some people say that the President does not have enough power when in office, others disagree. They will say the President does not need anymore power for all the power they have is enough to run the country and to fulfill their duty. If our presidency were to be the strongest in the world, or one of the strongest, the United states of America would be in trouble.

Article II gives us a guideline for the presidential power. It states, “The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.” The executive power, according to BusinessDictionary.com, is the authority to enforce orders and to ensure they are carried out as intended. No the founders of the United States of America did not think they had to be very specific when writing the constitution because their intentions were to create a place they could live in happiness and not create the same environment they came from, England. The executive power is for the President to create and enforce laws that protect and benefit the people, all the people not just one party.

In an article from The Washington Post, John Carey states, “when compared with other countries, our constrained presidential powers are reassuring. Regimes with more powerful presidencies and weaker legislatures, such as Russia or Ecuador, tend to be less democratic and less stable than ones with limited presidencies and stronger legislatures. . .In President Obama’s final year, he may be searching for areas where he can tweak policy by fiat, whether via executive memorandum on guns or executive order on carbon emissions. But whatever initiative he exercises in taking “care that the laws be faithfully executed,” the statutory boundaries of that discretion are quite narrow, in comparison with presidents elsewhere.

It is good that the United States presidency does not overrun the legislature. Presidents or figures in charge should be limited in their power and what they are able to do. If a President were to get a bill passed, they would need a certain amount of votes and a number of citizens on his/her side. The trick is, if the President really wants this bill to pass, he/she will do whatever necessary to meet the standards for the bill to pass. This is not beneficial for the United States for the bill can sometimes favor a certain group of people and hurt everyone else, or effect the country negatively. The legislature having more power than the President is good because it balances out our government system and keeps it as a democracy and keeps the system stable. The last part of the quote states that the United States Presidents don’t have as much powers as other Presidents in neighboring countries.This is why we must follow closely to the Constitution as we can to keep our government system a democracy, and keep the person in charge limited.


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