Donald Trump is a no show at the Republican Debate

The last Republican Debate before the Primary’s was on Thursday January 29, 2016. A surprising no-show from one of the leading Presidential candidates, Donald Trump, creates a lot of controversy. There are many roles that the President of the United States has to fulfill since it is such an important role in our country; the job comes with many responsibilities such as being professional, relatable to the citizens, and the power to persuade.

The presidential debates are helpful to understand what each candidate running for the President of the United States stands for and what they want to do for our country if they become the President. The candidates are in the spotlight while being asked questions about our country and how they feel about certain issues that are happening in current news. These debates help the citizens of the United States weigh the pros and cons of each candidate and inevitably narrow down their decision of who they will be voting for in the upcoming presidential election.

When the news was released that Donald Trump had declined his appearance at this last republican debate, people were in awe of this reaction. It was announced that the news anchor, Megyn Kelly, was to moderate this last Republican debate. This was a major red light to Donald Trump because of their ongoing feud, and he demanded that she be replaced. After Trump’s request was declined he decided that he would just not show up at all. Now the real question is, will this help or hurt his campaign for President?donald-trump-wants-to-wage-economic-war-on-mexico-to-get-them-to-pay-for-a-border-wall

The President has many roles and must obtain a professional public image in order to keep the citizen on his/her side. This being said, candidates running for president have to also have certain demenior in order to gain the votes of the citizens. Trump’s decision to decline his appearance at the last debate led some people into thinking that he was not acting professional towards the situation; meanwhile, others believe that this might have saved his campaign because he wasn’t able to say something that otherwise might hurt where he stands in the polls. The election process soon approaching more and more people begin to really decipher who they wish to become the next President of the United States. Questions such as, “Is this candidate professional enough to run our country?,” begin to pop into people’s heads as they start to narrow down their decisions.

The power to persuade and a professional appearance could easily be two of the most important aspects of becoming the president. Trump’s feud with Megyn Kelly is thought by some to be very unprofessional. Many believed that Trump should have attended the debate despite this ongoing feud. The President of the United States will have to deal with many difficult situations in a professional manner if they with to keep peace among the people and other higher authority figures around the world.

As an engaged and responsible citizen of the United States, keeping up with these actions made by the people running for president is a significant part in my decision of who I will vote for in the upcoming election. In government, we have learned to be an engaged citizen of the United States, you have to not only keep up with current events and what is going on in the world, but also the president and the roles he plays for our country. When deciding who I will vote for in this election I keep in consideration if I agree with the points the candidates are making, if they act professional about the obstacles they are facing and if they can persuade me into believing that they can be the change the United States is looking for.

Jessica R.


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