Does Trump Have Key Presidential Qualities?


In almost every poll leading up to the Iowa Caucuses, the polarizing candidate Donald Trump has had the lead on the Republican side. Many people are dumbfounded by this fact due to the arrogant, and sometimes ignorant nature of Trump. The question that I urge every one to answer when voting is does the candidate have true presidential qualities that are necessary for the progression of America? Due to this question, I do not believe Donald Trump is suited to be the president of the United States.


Richard Neustadt

         In Famous author Richard Neustadt work, “Presidential Power”, he addresses what the presidents’ authority consists of. He listed three things: public prestige, professional reputation, and lastly the power of the commander to persuade. Public prestige can be described as the way the people view the president. Although the general public is not directly involved in policymaking, they can greatly influence legislators. The president’s professional reputation is essentially the way he is looked at by leaders in Washington and elsewhere such as politicians, foreign leaders, and also congress of course. For policy to be implemented by the commander-in-chief, he must be trustworthy and respected by fellow leaders in Washington and in foreign places. Lastly and most importantly, Neustadt addresses the importance of the president to persuade. The president is just one man or woman and cannot simply receive everything he asks for. He must balance different interests and must really convince others that what he proposes is in their best interest rather than just his. These roles of the president show exactly what qualities are necessary for a president.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Trump has garnered much of his support due to his persuasive confidence. Rex Huppke of the Chicago Tribune said, “Like him or not, Trump has made a lot of money and garnered a lot of fame by perpetually believing he’s the smartest guy in the room.” Trump’s confidence is why he is so loved by many. His power to persuade people is one of his biggest strengths, which Neustadt would compliment. The general public often views Trump as a clown (deservedly so at times), but he also has an immense amount of support in our nation. Despite being quite arrogant and not experienced in politics, Trump has a pretty good standing with the pubic. His public prestige is solid and has made him a serious threat in this presidential race. What hurts Donald Trump’s legitimacy as a presidential candidate is his professional reputation. Despite being a real estate mogul, Trump has never had any experience in politics or even with leaders in D.C. For one to be a good president they must have respect by other lawmakers such as congress. With the numerous ignorant and outlandish statements made by Trump; I do not believe that he would be able to implement his policies very effectively. He would struggle finding common ground with other leaders both foreign and domestic.

For a president to be effective according to Richard Neustadt, the three qualities must all be met and must all work together. With that being said, I do not believe that Donald Trump has the necessary qualities to be a great leader of America.

Luke A.


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