The role of President is a very important part of American System. From Article II of the Constitution, it said that the Presidential Power includes executive powers, diplomatic powers, military powers, legislative powers and judicial powers. Related to Presidential Power, different people have different opinion. For instance, there are two different views of executive power. One is Stewardship Theory, Teddy Roosevelt said that it is necessary to protect the American people; the other is Conservative Theory, William Howard Taft said that presidents must interpret the powers of the office narrowly. According these two theories, people can find that President’s role has always been a very controversial issue.

   After that, we talked about Clinton Rossiter’s theory, there are eight roles of President: Chief Executive, Chief Legislator, Chief Diplomat, Commander-in-Chief, Head of State, Chief of administrator,Chief of party and Chief Citizen. These roles are requirment for president, and these roles have different proportion in different period, but all of these roles have significant effect.

   Related to this chapter, President Obama’s State of The Union can reflect that pretty well. In his speech, he reflected that the economic power of American is very powerful; and he talks about the  role of the United States in the world. And in Obama’s speech, he said that government should solve the problem of terrorist organization. In the end, Obama said that there are still some problems which he does not solve, such as the conflict of parties. And he hopes that next president can solve these problems. From his speech, it reflects the roles of President,such as Chief Citizen, Chief Legislator, Head of State and Chief of party. Against Obama’s view, In Galston’s Obama’s final State of the Union: An incomplete success, he indicates his opinion to Obama’s speech, he points that there are something that Obama did well and something that he didn’t achieve. In his article, Galston says that Obama’s speech is more like a fighting speech. Although Obama’s last State of the Union was civil and cordial, it was at heart 下载a fighting speech. He identified some areas of common ground, but her gave no ground for people. We can summarize that President cannot do all the things prefect, he may do something that people may not agree, but no doubt that the purpose of president is to protect people and maintain the peace of society.

    Then we talked about Neustadt’s theory of Presidential power. The main view of him is that he thinks the power of president is weak. He said that Presidential power is the power to persuade, and Presidents are expected to do much more than their authority allows them to do. President need to bargain to influence the executive branch. Another aspect of political power is the president’s professional reputation.The idea of the president’s reputation shows that presidents’ reputation depends on government and other part of the Congress. The better the reputation of the president, the easier it will accomplish the policy. The last part of presidential power that Neustadt mentions is public prestige. Public prestige is how the public views the president. The public views can influence the president’s’ reputation, and the reputation of president will influence the public opinion of the president. According to these, we can find that president’s power is not omnipotent, it needs the support of other factors. No doubt that, whether the power of president is strength or weak, the main purpose of president is to protect American citizens and society.

Yi L


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