Our Presidents Speech

A president’s role is to transform our country for the good of the American people and to be a unifying force in our politics. The President has many roles that he has to fulfill. Such as, Chief legislator, as chief legislator the president shapes foreign policy. After seven years of his presidency, I believe that he has not done this.. When president Obama took office we were facing the worst economic crisis since the great depression. Now we have accomplished so much from our business have created 14.1 million new jobs, We’ve rebuilt our manufacturing base, reformed our health care system, and reinvented our energy sector. We’ve also welcomed Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 8.46.27 AM.pnghome more than 160,000 troops. In my opinion I think that Obama has done some good but he has failed to fulfill all of his responsibilities as a leader of our Country.

President Obama concluded his speech by arguing that we need to “fix our politics” and change our voting system to make it easier. I agree that we need to fix our politics but I do not think that there is any way we could do that, because there is just so many things that need to be fixed. For example, we need to reduce the power of the government. I think we need to reduce the government because although we get to vote our votes do not matter because their is a more complex system to passing laws and deciding who our president is. Also because the people do not have much power to act on their own anymore. and businesses are regulated by the government. I disagree with Obama saying that we need to make our voting process easier because in my opinion I think that voting is already extremely easy.

According to Galston, Obama gave a “non-traditional” speech, and talked about how he did not complete the tasks that he promised to do. Obama stated at the end of his speech that he did not fulfill all that he promised to do. Such as being a transformative president and to be a unifying leader in our politics,in his speech he said that he accomplished one which was to be transformative, I disagree with this because I think although he has made change in our government he has also put a burden on our country, by the time he gets out of office we will be 20 trillion dollars in debt. The changes that he has made have made a negative impact and has broken our country, we lost our unity and some of our pride. We need a president who will keep their word and lead this country to the best of their ability.

Katie K.




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We are students in Dr. Ostroff's sections of U.S. Government at All Saints' Episcopal School in Fort Worth, Texas. (www.aseschool.org).

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