America’s “War” with Police

It seems as if almost every week we hear about a story about police brutality and police killing innocent people, especially blacks. People have started saying that we are in a war with the police, in fact, 58% of America thinks we are in a war with police. They are here to protect us and prevent crime yet there are protests all over the country trying to change the police force. Just two nights ago a black cop was shot in New York City from trying to stop a gang shooting yet there has been very little media coverage over this compared to the incidents with Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. In my eyes it seems that media wants us to believe that there is War on Police and wants us to believe that the Police are our enemy which is completely wrong.

Week after week people are protesting about how corrupt our law enforcement system is, but nobody want to protest about how corrupt the people committing the crimes are. People only want to blame the police for their problems and not take into account that it is actually themselves who are committing the crime. The police are there for a reason and that is to enforce laws, if the laws are broken there will be consequences. Sometimes these consequences can cost you your life but this is extremely rare. If a citizen strikes a cop they are putting their life at risk. Officers see exotic things and when a person attacks them, they truly believe their life is in danger as they should. No person should attack a law enforcement officer.

There are about two in a million people who are killed by police officers. How come the other 999,998 people didn’t have an issue with the police. There are only 1.2 million officers in this country and over 100 have been killed this year, which is a far greater ratio of cops being killed by citizens than citizens being killed by cops. It is a fifty to one ratio, but nobody is protesting about how the citizens of the United States are killing too many police. Police officers wake up everyday and have a 5000% higher chance of being killed by a normal citizen than a normal citizen being killed by a police officer. Even though these statistics are high for the police officers, this has been the second safest year to be a police officer ever.

There is now a serious threat of terrorism on U.S. soil. With so many people protesting for gun control laws, who is going to keep us safe from ISIS members in this nation? If we are not armed and there is a terrorist attack on our soil who do we expect to protect us? Our Law enforcement is our only answer. It wasn’t regular citizens who stopped the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, it was our law enforcement. We need to unite with the people who keep us safe and treat them with respect and honesty. They are putting their lives on the line to save us and help us and it’s our job as citizens to help them back.

The truth is, being apart of law enforcement is a dangerous job and they put their lives on the line everyday to protect us. We should be thanking them for their efforts, not trying to destroy them for their faults. The war with police is no different than it has ever been. The media has grown so large and influential that everybody believes there is a war with police when in reality nothing has changed. If this war is too big for some to burden then it is time you started protesting against the people instead of this nation’s law enforcement.


Turner C


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