Syrian Refugee crisis in Texas

Half of Syria’s population has been forced to flee its homes. Most of them are women and children trying to escape the brutal fighting that has engulfed their country. In this article it states that a group of Syrian refugees are planned to be resettled in Dallas. This crisis greatly affects Texas and people who live there’s safety because of the government’s inability to run effective background checks. Which is why I agree with Paxton this puts not only Texans but all U.S. citizens at risk because the federal government has not properly fulfilled the duty to consult with Texas ahead of the refugee relocation. Like the veteran in the video I agree that we should take the risk of letting refugees in because there could be the chance that they are a threat to us that we could face a similar crisis that Paris did; when it could have been prevented if we protected our borders. Not that I think all the Syrian refugees are a threat or that I am against helping innocent syrian people to live a better and safer life, but it should be America’s first priority to protect U.S. Citizens by properly fulfilling the duties that the federal government has, when it comes to relocating refugees in this country.

Some people may agree with the people in the video that say that it is a sad decision to close our borders no, to the refugees, when we have opened the doors to them for over a hundred years. They question why just the Syrians, there have been many other threats to the country that haven’t been cause by refugees, why not treat them how we want treat the Syrian refugees. I believe that these people who agree with these kinds of opinions don’t understand the consequences that come with it. They don’t understand the major threats that could be caused by keeping our doors open to the refugees. Though I agree with the women in the video that says that not all Syrian refugees are apart of ISIS, but there is no way I’m proving that they are another a threat to us. So in order to keep our country safe I think that we need to shut our borders to the refugees in order to keep us Americans safe from terrorist.


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