2nd Amentdment

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This sentence in my opinion is one of the most important things in our country. The Second Amendment is the backbone of our nation and is at the very core of what makes us Americans. Our right to bear arms is very important and I believe that some people do not appreciate this right or fully understand what firearms have meant to not only us but the whole world.


        Recently there was a shooting in a South Carolina church and the first thing that came to my mind can be summed up in this one quote. “If one patriot had been armed in that South Carolina church, nine lives could have been saved. Now, more than ever, we must stand up and protect the second amendment rights that our Founders provided for just such a time as this — a time when self-defense and protecting our neighbors saves innocent lives.” I wish that this statement was being run on the bottom of every new station in the country at all times. When something terrible happens in this country people tend to get what i call “backwards vision”. That is where a person looks at what a person committed a crime with instead of why they committed it. The gun was not at fault in South Carolina, the man was.

In class we often try to look at both sides of an argument in order to gain knowledge on both sides. I have tried and tried to see where people that are against the second amendment are coming from and i cannot figure this out. These people will often argue that owning a weapon is dangerous and that you are at a higher risk if you own a firearm. I would argue that they are mistaken. I learned in this class that if you are going to say something be able to back it up. So with my statement i give the following information and statistics. Detroit’s police chief, James Craig, ran a little experiment. In 2014, Craig encouraged the city’s residents to arm themselves. His police department issued over 1,100 handgun permits. More than 8,100 guns were registered in the city. As a result, crime dropped by 12 percent. He then went to local prisons and asked convicted felons what they fear most. Unanimously the answer was, “an armed citizen.”


The debate about gun control has been around as long as guns have. Recently the debate over gun control has found its way towards the Holocaust. Ben Carson, a current presidential candidate, when asked about gun control responded that if the Jews and other affected groups had had access to guns Hitler’s march against them would not have been as effective. The response was seen by many as inappropriate and historically incorrect. However what I believe these people are not seeing is that there were more things going on than what most people would have realised. For the sake of respect I am not going to go into all these details because I believe that this is a sensitive area. I will however just leave the idea that I believe that based on historical information gun control did negatively impact the Jewish people during this awful time.

Another event in recent time was the San Bernardino shooting. This was yet another mass shooting, defined as three or more deaths including the assailant, that has brought up yet another strike against firearms. The most notable response I believe was from President Obama. President Obama had an Oval Office address where he spoke on the issues of gun control and that the shooting had been a possible terrorist attack. In the address he said that people that are in the country illegally should not be allowed to own semi-automatic weapons and that American citizens should not be able to own or buy assault weapons (anything within the AR platform). I believe that the President was correct with some of the things he said but i still believe that he may be jumping the gun. The issue is not the weapon it is the system that regulates the weapons. I believe that is an addressable issue. We should be looking at the way people acquire the guns and not how they are using the guns. I think we are getting closer and closer to a solution but I wish that we would realize this issues without a tragedy occurring.

The most basic thing about being human is our desire to defend ourselves against possible threats. I believe that if we as a nation decide to implement more stringent gun laws that the argument could be made that we are suppressing our basic human rights and I believe that to be unconstitutional. Whether or not a person believes in the right to bear arms they should consider the situations where these weapons have been helpful, even necessary, in people’s lives. It is our job as responsible citizens to view issues with a clear head and I believe that the 2nd Amendment is something we should all care about.


L. Ivy-O’Donnell


About SaintsGOV16
We are students in Dr. Ostroff's sections of U.S. Government at All Saints' Episcopal School in Fort Worth, Texas. (www.aseschool.org).

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