Do Political Parties enhance the democratic process

Do Political Parties enhance the democratic process

In class we were told to debate on a certain topic with a partner. My partner was Trystan-Bryce and we had to debate on the con side, which we didn’t want. Our topic was “American democracy without Political Parties.” Trystan and I had to do a little research because this was not what we were expecting to talk about. Political parties do not enhance the democratic process and this does not make voting any easier. We said that political parties are bad and that there shouldn’t be any. Trystan and I obviously don’t think this but we took one for the team and did it anyways.

In our debate we came up with two topics and went into detail on those two things. We had a little trouble with this but once we figured out our two topics it became more smooth. Our two topics were, “Party labels create opportunities for voters to avoid learning more about individual candidates… and why is that a “bad” thing?” and “Political parties are divisive- parties are what pull our country and our democracy apart… but we want to bring people together.” In both of these topics we focused on one certain word. That word would be “open-minded”. We said that you should be open-minded about what each candidate in an election has to say and that you should try to branch out a little instead of being closed to your opinions only.

In the first topic we said that you can be on a side of the political spectrum and agree with what the other side has to say but still not vote for them because you have labeled yourself  to one certain side you’re going to vote for that side no matter what. You shouldn’t have to associate yourself with a certain side, you should be open-minded with both sides. It is perfectly okay to agree with something that the opposite side has to say. It isn’t against the law to not be in the middle. It’s okay to be different. That’s what makes you, you. It is always good to listen to what everyone has to say rather than not wanting to side with them because you’re against that side. Choosing a candidate isn’t whether they are democratic or republican; it’s what they have to say, their ideas, and how they want to help our country.

Our second topic was dealing with wanting to be equal rather than splitting the world apart. America is divided into two so called “camps”. We are trying to bring America together not tear it apart. We think that it is okay to pretty much ignore what the other side has to say just because, again, we don’t associate ourselves with the other side. The world is living in a filter bubble and we are too comfortable in it that we don’t want to leave. Most people base on what party they are in by how they grew up and what their parents believed in. If you ask kids what side they are on and ask them why they will most likely say that it is because that is what their parents say and they think they should follow after them. People will stick to one side rather than be open-minded and listen to what every single candidate has to say and really think about what they are saying.

I do believe that people need to be more equal with their choices and opinions but not having political parties would be really tough. People need to understand that there will be separation between two parties, they just need to understand that they are able to listen to both sides and agree with what the opposing side is saying. There is nothing against switching sides because you agree with what a candidate has to say. I just think that it would be hard to control government and elections with not having political parties. Without political parties would be like having no control and that could get out of hand.

-Sarah S.


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