Do Political Parties enhance the democratic process?


The question of whether or not the American democracy would be better without political parties is hard to answer. Some people could argue that without political parties there would be chaos, but on the other hand political parties divide Americans. When I was asked to argue the con side I thought it would be difficult since I sided more with the pros.

The statement for the con side is political parties do not enhance the democratic process. Political parties divide you to either being democratic or republican. Party labels create opportunities for voters to avoid learning more about individual candidates. People tend to vote for what party they associate with and don’t even consider what the other party has to say or their thoughts and opinions. By not associating yourself with a certain party you are more open minded to what each individual candidate has to say. By being open minded you are choosing a candidate not because they are democratic or republican, but by what they have to say, their ideas, and how they want to help our country.

Political parties are divisive, they are what pull our country and democracy apart, but we want to bring people together. They divide americans into two so called “camps” the conservative republicans and liberal democrats who don’t talk to each other. Most people, in my opinion, base what party they are in by how they grew up and what side their parents associate with. They never really learn about what the differences in each party really are. Voters may agree with candidates on the opposite side as them, but since they are “labeled” to one side they won’t vote for them. People need to be open minded and choose the best candidate that they think will help our country.

After having to argue the con side I realized I agree with this argument, but I still side with the pro. The pro side argues the con with having no parties will result in chaos. We have had parties for such a long time people would not know what to do without them. Parties create stable identities for Americans. Having parties creates a structure and well organized way for voting. Having parties connects politics and society.

Argueing a side that I did not agree with was hard, but it helped me open my mind and see that there is another side and and that not everyone agrees with just one. Some people can be like me and agree with some parts of each. If I had to pick a would still choose the pro side, but I liked learning more about the arguments that can be brought by the con side. I agree that people should listen to each candidate and not only vote based on party, but chaos would happen without parties. Structure is definitely needed in American democracy to make the democratic process easier and more efficient.  


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