Third Part of a Scale?

When we look back on history of the political parties, there is a repetition. This is one of the two major parties stealing a belief or idea of a smaller, less popular party. So what would change if a third major party were to rise up and become apart of our everyday political spectrum? What would prevent the two major parties from taking down this new third major party? And most importantly, if a third major party existed, would it benefit the people of the United States?

Adding a third major party to our political spectrum would be very difficult. It is more than likely that the two major parties would do everything in their power to see the success of the failure of this new third major party. If this third party were to succeed, it would not have it’s own beliefs. This is because the two major parties are divided. You either go right or left. What else could this third party represent? If it were to base its ideas off of one of the two major parties or both, then it would not be an original, but a spin off of one or both major parties.

Not only that, but the cost in presidential races will go up. As each person wants to support their favorite candidate, the number of court cases about money and freedom of speech will increase causing the courts to change and add to the limits already set for the amount of money the people can give. As well as an increase in money costs of the presidential race, there will be an increase of debates, and speeches which will slow down the election process.

This third major party would just be in favor of one of the two major parties, thus tipping the political scale to one side. This would lead to the parties fighting for power and control (becoming the president of the United States) and completely leaving out what is best for the citizens of the United States. The power struggle of these major parties would tear the country apart. Not only would there be a power struggle more dangerous than ever, the president chosen would have to satisfy all parties throughout the senators, and house of representatives, and etc. This would be another cause for the political scale to tip. The three parties would be against each other, or two will have sided against the one. The party of the president would have the upper hand, and if this party teamed up with one of the others, there would be no equal representation among the parties.

As new generations become more involved in the political world, the harder it is for them to decide what they want to believe. The younger generations would be conflicted on what they believe because the third party would have similar beliefs to both of the two original major parties. This could be the cause of the fall of the third major party for it only causes chaos.

All of these reasons of why a third major party is a bad idea all have one thing in common. It would not bring any more order to the country of America than it already has. This third major party would only create problem after problem and mess up the political spectrum. For it is known a scale only has two sides, not three.

Alyssa R.


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