illegal immigration

The debate over immigration is everywhere in the news and is being brought to our attention due to the Presidential race. Every candidate has plenty to say about how to fix our immigration problems in America. One point that does not get as much attention in my mind is illegal immigration, most politicians are in agreement that it is at the forefront of the focus for security of our nation but the fact that we are a nation founded on laws, is there ever a case to argue for something that is illegal? If the migration of people across our national borders is done in a way that violates our immigration laws, then it must be stopped. Immigration would have not crossed my mind if not for that presidential election process in America and therefore each candidate drawing my attention to the subject. The amount of illegal immigrants we have and the growing population of them is not good for america. The illegal Immigration situation need to be fixed, or else  we will keep losing money on taxes, losing funds teaching illegal immigrants, the middle and lower class lose jobs, hospitals lose money in charity and treatment , and lastly we are forever in bilingual debate.  

In this article it discusses Donald Trump’s views on immigration and what his actual position is when it comes to illegal immigration.  It is not a surprise that Trump’s response to this issue is anger. He even stated “the Mexican immigrants were bringing drugs and crimes to the U.S.” Although I believe that some of that statement might be true I don’t believe that he needed to go to the extreme in saying “ some of them are rapists.” After that statement of his, he started to soften his views on illegal immigration and said that he supports the “merit-based system. ” I believe that the “merit based system,” could work but only for the illegal immigrants that have not caused any issues with the law and that only came to U.S. illegally to have a better life and to raise their kids to become successful. Trump also states that the U.S. needs to build a wall to keep the illegal immigrants out. Which I totally agree with, we cannot have people coming in to the U.S. not paying taxes, causing legal people to have less job opportunities, increasing our crime rates, and more. Illegal immigration is a big issue because it just causes us to lose money. Overall I agree with what Trump has to say about illegal immigration that something needs to be done about it.

Elizabeth H


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