Road Rage

The constitution is our government’s policy for knowing what’s right and wrong. We base what we should and should not do on the Constitution and the laws that are set for us. When people break those laws we label them as criminals and we prosecute them using our legal system. In some cases the criminal is never found and in others it might take time to find them. Each case is different.

This past tuesday in Albuquerque a man was arrested for a fatal road rage that ended with the killing of four-year-old girl named Lilly. No one knows for sure the motive behind the tragedy that took place. However, officials did say the suspect “engaged the girls father in a road rage incident and then fired shots. From what we understand the cars were both moving, one car pulled up against the other car and started firing rounds.” After the shooting the father pulled over their car and realized his daughter had been shot. Paramedics hurried onto the scene and rushed her to the hospital where she passed away late tuesday.


On Wednesday police tried tracking down the killer. They had been given information about what the man looked like and what kind of car he drove all they had to do was track him down. They were told he was a white or hispanic male in his 20’s or 30’s in a new model red or maroon toyota camry. They even had a 1,000 dollar reward for information leading to an arrest. They did not make an arrest until later that day because they had to wait on the proper paperwork (warrants)  in order to arrest him.

I think the police did everything right in this case. They waited for warrants to make the arrest, they gathered information about the man, and they did what needed to be done in the right way so they could make a proper arrest of the right man. According to the fourth amendment without proper warrants (arrest warrant) police can not make a legal arrest. An arrest is using legal authority to deprive a person of his or her freedom of movement. In some cases an arrest can be made without a warrant but they must have probable cause and exigent circumstances presented at the time of the arrest. So, according to what the police have said in this case they needed the arrest warrant and without it the man who killed Lilly could get off because the police did not follow protocol.

After the arrest is made police might look into if the man who shot Lilly had the right to have a handgun. According to the second amendment you have the right to bear arms, but in order to carry a concealed handgun in your car you need a concealed handgun license. If he did not have one that can be used against him when Unknownhe is taken to court.

Sometimes when people get put on trial they get let off even if they did commit the crime it’s all up to the jury and how they decide to rule this case. The police took all the right actions to get this man arrested and put behind bars so, let’s just hope he stays there. Hopefully our legal system will help the family by putting away the man that killed their little girl and although this tragic event should have never happened I believe justice will be done for the family and most importantly for the innocent little four-year-old girl who should not have lost her life.



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4 Responses to Road Rage

  1. elizabeth says:

    Yes he had the right to carry a handgun but the way he abused his privileges by shooting a women because of his road rage, is what makes people go against the legalization of being able to carry handguns. I believe that he should be punished for using his handgun for the wrong reason and for not handling it properly.

  2. Jessica R. says:

    Although the man might have had the legal right to carry a handgun, it was entirely illegal to shoot someone because of road rage. This is one instance that make people question the legalization of having hand guns at easy access. However, if he is put on trial for the crime he committed then that is all officials can really do at this point.
    Jessica R.

  3. govannas says:

    Agreeing with Jernee, the man did have the right to carry that handgun. The police followed proper procedure and protocol. The man who fatally shot and the man and young girl had no right to do so.
    Anna S.

  4. SaintsGOV16 says:

    I believe that the man had a right to carry the handgun, but he did not have the right to shot the woman due to road rage. According to the constitution Americans have the right to bear arms, but the constitution states also that no crime shall go unpunished and this man should be punished according to his action.

    by JerneeG

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