Holey Constitution

We have learned an excruciating amount of work in this unit. We have mainly talked about how the constitution and the works and its origin. It was made up by several men, including James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. and George Washington. The location of where it was written down right in the midst of Philadelphia This document is the foundation of for the government ran today still. The constitution of the United States established many things. It was formed in order to give the people certain rights that every basic citizen should have. Some examples include the freedom of speech, life, liberty. The constitution has served as the main principle for keeping stability within the walls of our nation. Sadly i didn’t know much of this documents essentials when we started talking about it.  I knew a little of the basics that we configured out of elementary and random facts. Since we have had major discussions as well as group projects.

I learned a wide variety of things of the dealing with the constitution. What i learned from the constitution is that the constitution has many vague rules in it. One of the rules that have a unclear meaning is one in the 4th article. In the 4th article it states that, “Nobody can be sentenced to a cruel or unusual punishment. The words used to describe this random part of the constitution does not make enough sense for every case. It does not speak out on what degree of cruel and unusual it is. It is to the point to where in debates in the judicials power is veered on how they take the words themselves. It leads to a chance of having the constitution unequal to people in the same cases. For instance, in one case you could have somebody could be accepted on how the his punishment is cruel and unusual due to the fact that he has a mental disorder, however, somebody else in another state could get have been revoked from that right, because they interpret the words or phrases in a different way. Even though some people would say that the different interpretations are meant for different situations, I feel that there should be more distinct and clear laws so that the same sentence does not produce different outcomes.IMG_0307-1

Sadly this also happens when two laws conflict with each other. For a fake example, we can say the Future Farmers of of America, a private organization, makes it a policy not to hire any homosexuals as leaders. According to the Constitution, does FFA have the right to do this? You can say that the 14th amendment says that they cannot do that. It says that you cannot discriminate due to a person’s association or ideas on life. That same document reports that people or a group of people have the freedom of assembly. Lots of rules in the constitution can interfere with the others, and sometimes it can start to be a problem. Whether it is in the hands of the jury or the judge, the holes and loops in the constitution can certainly cause problems in some eyes like mine. It’s not a bad document, since we have been using it since the days it has been created, but there is a reason we can still edit it with amendments.


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