The U.S Government Needs Stronger Immigration Laws

The United States government should have existing immigration laws, provide more security at both borders and focus on the better good of all U.S. citizens. Our currant immigration system provides many ways for people from foreign countries to enter our country as legal residents or become a qualified U.S. citizen. They include Family-Based immigration, Employment-Based immigration and immigration based on special circumstances.

Under Family-Based ImWhatPartmigration, a U.S. citizen can file an immigrant visa petition for a spouse, son/daughter, parent, or brother/sister. U.S. lawful residents (green card holders) can file an immigrant visa petition for a spouse or unmarried son/daughter.

Employment-Based immigration is when a U.S. employer sponsors certain skilled workers who will be hired into permanent jobs. U.S. law also provides a number of special immigrant categories related to employment needs.

No more than 7% of both Family-Based and Employment-Based visas can enter the states from a single country.

Special circumstance immigration typically applies to refugees being persecuted for their race, political affiliation, religion, or social membership within their country of residence.  These situations usually occur in countries that are unstable, under developed, or ruled by a tyrannical dictator.

Once immigrants enter our country legally, they can pursue U.S. Citizenship.  This is a process where immigrants apply to become citizens of the U.S., which allows them to live here indefinitely and take advantage of many benefits and opportunities.  Citizenship is usually the next step after obtaining a green card for people who want to live in the U.S.

Undocumented immigration, often called illegal immigration, occurs when foreigners bypass the visa process and enter the U.S. by crossing the border or obtain a visa, but overstay the allotted time period.  Undocumented immigration has become a highly political topic that currently dominates the news media.

Today there are many people who work around our immigration laws and enter the U.S. illegally.  The most common way is people cross the Mexican border over to California, Arizona, New Mexico or Texas.   Some have their kids born in the U.S, which means the kids are automatically citizens. This makes it difficult to deport the parents because they are the kid’s immediate family.  The southern border is not as protected as it should be.  We have good laws to control illegal immigrants, but they are not being enforced strongly enough. If the immigration laws were enforced, our country would be more secure and the economy would be stronger.  The amount of illegal immigrants entering the country is hurting our nation.

I don’t understand why the government wants to open the borders to undocumented immigrants.  Some politicians in the government want to provide amnesty to undocumented aliens in hopes they will vote for them in upcoming elections. The 2016 Democratic candidates want to give the wealthy tax money to the unemployed and bring immigrants over to the states. These candidates are promising the American dream in return for votes. If I were an immigrant perusing to live in America under the care of the government, they would have my vote too. This is the only way I can understand why some want to help others instead of their own people.

We were founded as in immigrant nation and we need to continue to bring immigrants into our country. However, it needs to be controlled so we know who is coming in and what their intentions are.  We have needs for people with certain skill sets in order to sustain and grow our economy. Therefore, we need to attract people with these skills into our country for the better good of all.  We currently have millions of people in our country who entered illegally and undocumented yet they receive benefits from our government. This contradicts the 14th Amendment of our Constitution.



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One Response to The U.S Government Needs Stronger Immigration Laws

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think the amount of illegal immigrants is hurting our country. I had quite a few soccer coaches who were from England and they taught me more than my previous American coaches. Yes I understand the immigrants are taking our jobs but isn’t diversity what America is? Aren’t the mixed cultures what make America, America?

    Alyssa R

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