New Two-Child Policy

AbbyCThroughout the last 45-50 years, China has had a one-child policy in their country. This Policy by definition only permits a couple to have one child. This policy was put into place because of the large amount of Chinese citizens that was growing at a staggering rate. The country could not keep up this this influx of people at this fast of a rate. This was also a controversial topic because most people where under the impression that the government could control how many kids I want to have, right? Well as it turns out they can; and they did. For the past 50 years the government has been doing ‘random’ searches on houses that they believe or have been reported by friends or neighbors to be holding more than one child. These searches are an invasion of privacy, put also a cruel punishment for the families that were torn apart because of this crime. Many families were separated and never repaired, but this lead into a bigger issue; the genocide of Chinese baby girls. How can we fight for women’s rights when they are still killed for being alive all around the world?

In China there are an estimated 200 million babies that have been killed because of this policy. If your first-born is a boy then you get to try again for a girl, but if your first-born is a girl then you are done. This as you can see lead to a mass genocide of the female race, weather that was abortion, or being thrown into the trash like they were worthless. These were innocent children who were being punished for what, being born? There have been countless allegations of women saying their husbands pushed them down the stairs after finding out they were pregnant, to try and kill the fetus. The stories are countless and never ending; or so we thought.

On October 29, 2015 the Chinese Government came out and stated that they were now changing their One Child Policy to a Two Child Policy. The new Two Child Policy stated that no matter what the first child’s birth was, that the parents were allowed to try for a second child. This is a huge step toward same-sex rights ever for the unborn, and for the Chinese people to be able to live their lives a little more with out the Chinese Communist Government breathing down their necks. The Government claims that the instituted the Two Child Policy to let their population grow. While China has a population of over 1.4 billion people, how much more are they hoping to grow their population? As a senior government student I am interested to see where china will get the room and the necessities to provide for all of these children that the population is now allowed to have. I believe that these people have a right to have as many children as they would like; but I also believe that these children that are growing up in this messy Communist country should have some sort of stability. They should know that there will always be enough food, and there will always be enough space for them to go and live their dreams, but hwo can you live your dreams when there is no where to go? Where you can not actually own a home but a small condo to raise a family in. Where you cannot really strive for your dream; just the dream of working in a factory for the rest of your life waiting to make enough money so your children can go to college and be happy. That is not I world I would like to live in.

I am very happy that China changed it policy to allow a two-child family. But I see some very staggering flaws that I am hoping there are resolutions being made. This might be the starting block for the end of the female genocide in China, to the rise of the Feminist movement in China. This is what is going to change China’s history forever.

Abby C.


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3 Responses to New Two-Child Policy

  1. Turner Corbett says:

    I am glad to see that China has changed this law, believe it or not there is actually plenty of space in China for growth. Yes the cities are very condensed but there is tons of land that is untouched in that country. It is possible for us to fit the population of the whole world in Australia which is 2.9 million square miles with the population density of California. China is 3.7 million square miles so it would not be an issue. There is plenty of unused land in China.

  2. Jessica R. says:

    I completely agree that Chinese should have the ability to have as many children as they wish, but I also understand the reasons behind the population restrictions. I am glad that they changed the policy so that families are able to have two children, maybe the female population will begin to restore itself in China.
    Jessica R.

  3. SaintsGOV16 says:

    This is good!

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