Should Dixies still have their flag hung around the city?

dixie-cupI chose write an article about the confederate flag because it is a very popular debate with good arguments on both sides of the spectrum. Greene County will hold a voting session on October 26,2015 to decide if the flag will be placed above the county courthouse. The decision by the county sparked debates from opposing sides of the community. The decision to vote to have the flag above the courthouse also caught the eye of CNN and other news networks and websites. We have the power to decide the things we can support. This debate has been going on for centuries and even sparked a war amongst the people of the United States. The confederate flag is another way to show the power and the ways the constitution can be used and interpreted to accomplish a desired goal.

In America, the people have the freedom to express themselves. People feel as though taking away the flag and making it illegal is taking away the right to express personal beliefs. The confederate flag is very symbolic to some people in the south. The flag is a symbol for the historical nickname for the Southern United States or Dixie. Taking away the flag and making it illegal to fly makes the supporters of the flag feel as though their freedom to express themselves are being taken away. Removing the flag would be similar to trying to not acknowledge history. The war did happen and by remember the war we are remember family that fought and the progress the United States have made over the years. History should be used as a learning lesson to teach future generations.

The view  by the other end of the spectrum  against the flying of the flag feels as though the confederate flag should not be supported because of the cultural meaning to more specifically the African American people. The supporters of flag say the flag represents the confederate and the old southern United States. The Old south represents segregation and discrimination to the anti confederate flag party. The Confederacy seceded from the United States because they believed in slavery. Supporting anything that represents discrimination should not be supported. The flag was widely used by the Ku Klux Klan and having association to racial groups is another reason why the flag is viewed as a symbol of hatred and discrimination. For example, Dylan Roof, the man who murdered several people in a all black church in South Carolina also supported the Confederate Flag. Large organizations such as Walmart and Amazon quickly stopped selling items that included the Confederate flag because the backlash from people that do not support the flag. People also feel the flag should not be shown in America because morally they believe it is wrong.

The right to fly the flag will be voted by the people of the community. Although many people do not support the decision to vote it is a constitutional right to have the people vote. This relates to our government class because of the power of the constitution, our right to vote, and peacefully petition. The constitution allows us to express ourselves such as sporting a confederate flag. We also have the right to peacefully assemble and protest the waving of the flag. In my personal opinion I do not support the waving of the flag because it represents discrimination and racism to a group of people. The flag should be placed in a museum because of the historical significance of the civil war. The flag does represent the Confederacy but does not represent day United States and should not be waved anywhere by a city or state in the country.



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