Ben CarsonI have discovered many things already in government class about my political views and where I stand on the political spectrum. I knew prior to the class that I had conservative views, but now I can actually understand why I agree and disagree with certain things in politics. I have been keeping up with candidates with conservative views similar to my own. The one candidate who has really stood out to me is Dr. Ben Carson. I find him to be a very persuasive man, and his story is unlike any of the other candidates. Once I began to gain interest in Dr. Carson, I did all the research that I could on him, and I became extremely impressed. Ben Carson was raised in inner-city Detroit by his single mother. He made it through very tough times, and ended up attending Yale University, earning a degree in psychology. Continuing to work extremely hard, he later became a neurosurgeon. I found this very impressive due to the fact that he came from almost nothing.

Ben Carson’s political campaign has really inspired me as a young citizen. I support the things that he stands for, including his standpoint on same-sex marriage. He came about that issue with a very religious point of view, and I believe that he is right. Dr. Carson is a devout Christian, and he thinks religiously when dealing with politics. Religion also plays a large role in my political views and beliefs, so I stand for Dr. Carson’s confidence in Christianity.

In a close race with Donald Trump, Dr. Carson is gradually gaining the support of many Americans. It is easy for me to see why because Carson is such an easy man to like. In one of his debates, Carson mentioned that he is the first, and only person to successfully separate siamese twins from their heads. When this was said, the audience erupted. Nothing that Donald Trump could have said would have matched the reaction that Carson got. I find it surprising that I now think this way because less than a month ago, I thought that I sided with Trump the most. However, when I apply what I have learned in government class about my political standpoint, it is obvious to me that I side more with Carson.

The thing that attracts my attention most to Dr. Carson is that he is an African-American in the Republican Party with very conservative views. This is huge for the Republican Party because it is always given the stereotype of the party that does not do much to support minorities. Ben Carson did not come from much either, so he is a very rare case for the Republican Party. I find this as even more of a reason to support him because he is going against the odds and expressing himself in the manner in which he pleases. This is not to be interpreted in a racist way by any means, but people have proclaimed that Ben Carson is thought of to be more black than President Obama. I agree with this because Obama was raised in Hawaii by his white mother. Unlike Obama, Carson can relate more to African-American citizens in America. I believe that Dr. Carson has the potential to change many of the democratic, African-American votes, which is huge for the U.S.

 In my opinion, Ben Carson is the best candidate for president in the 2016 election. He has the potential power to change the country in a positive way and act as the leader that we are in need of. He is unique, strong, and confident, and I truly believe that he is exactly the right person to lead America.

Walker R.


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