The recent project that my group had worked on in class was focused solely  on using the constitution. The main purpose of this project was to imply the Constitution’s amendments as evidence in the supreme court for or against hypothetical cases.  By presenting our view on a hypothetical case, my group and I were able to draw a connection to the Constitution to back our answers. While this process was two thirds of the project, the last part was to come up with hypothetical case to present in court using current events to influence the questions asked.

The process of coming up with this was quite challenging as when I write most anything, my thoughts become jumbled up, not getting my point across the way I want it to come out for the most part.  Looking through the news helped me to decide which topic I would draw my own hypothetical case from.  Creating a backstory from the information from the news would allow me to form questions that would point toward the direction of a specific section of the Constitution.

In the time of this project, the presidential election of 2016 was another major topic which we talked about in class.  Though an obvious choice, deriving a hypothetical question was a bit challenging in that the election had not yet happened.  I looked up some of Donald Trump’s campaign topics and decided to go with his most recent comments about the true definition of birthright citizens.  Trump and his lawyers put together their case challenging the Constitution, yet in their challenge they do not want to change the Constitution due to the long process, instead they would rather make a law in their favor.

My question came out to be about the outcome of the case if presented to the courts.  “Donald Trump has lost the 2016 Presidential election. Trump and his lawyers have decided to fulfill one of his many promises if he were to become the President, and present to the Supreme Court their case in challenging the Constitution and birthright citizens. Do you think Trump has a case? And if so what do you think the outcome of the ruling would have on the Government in the eyes of the citizens?”  It was set up in a way that would lead the reader to come to his or her conclusion using the Constitution.

One point I was trying to make in asking this question, was that a law can not over power the Constitution itself.  Using the 14th amendment would help in defending this answer, as well as another point that our rights, in this case birthright citizens rights, can not be taken away, or unalienable rights.

Marissa R.


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