How to Write a Bad Government Paper

What I’ve learned in government is there are multiple ways to interpret one argument or one scenario. What that means is, there are many points of view on how the government works and there are people that have opinions on how the government should work. People’s beliefs, culture, and how they were raised will be the bases of their opinion on government. No matter what your beliefs are or how you think the government should work, the government works to protect us and keep us safe.

The government keeps us safe because they look to us, the citizens, for guidance. Certain people have opinions but when it comes to government it’s not your opinion that matters. What matters is where you got your information that formed your opinion. I’m not saying that you cannot have an opinion, because an opinion is a freedom of speech. According to the Constitution that is one of our unalienable rights, a right that cannot be taken away. The majority of government is opinion, the rest is fact. An opinion is we have perfect freedom. A fact is, we gave up perfect freedom for protection of our land and our persons or others around us. Another example is, a fact is the government makes laws to protect us. An opinion is, not all laws have a valid purpose. Even though some people may not agree with some laws we still have to follow them. We have to follow them because they were put there for a reason. That reason is to keep the peace within our country. If we did not follow the laws set by the government there would be chaos.

In the Constitution it says that we have a freedom of speech, religion, and expression, and those are our unalienable rights. Even though freedom of speech, religion, and expression are rights that cannot be taken away, our actions must be respectable within the boundaries of the laws. For example I can’t burn a flag and say it is freedom of expression.    

Another example of freedom of speech, expression, and religion is, Kim Davis. Kim Davis is a clerk in Kentucky that refuses to give out same set marriage licenses because it would make her “a bad Christian”. This is freedom of speech because, she voiced her opinion on the matter, she expressed her beliefs with her actions by not giving out licenses, and freedom of religion because she said if she handed out those licenses it would make her a “bad Christian”. But the reason the legalization of same sex marriage was passed was because, there was a purpose for it. I believe, that religion is in your heart and not in your job, if Kim Davis knew what her job was going to be she shouldn’t have taken it. The reason I said there are many different point of views in government is because, Kim Davis looks at same sex marriage one way, the government looks at it a certain way, I look at it a certain way, and you might look at it a certain way: we all have a certain opinion and
points of views.

The roles in government are reversed, the citizens make the decisions and the government acts on those decisions, just another reason the government looks out for us. The citizens get to make important decisions on who we elect to run our country or our town or city, and once that person is elected they get to do all the hard work and communication. That’s why I think that the government is looking out for our best interest.



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11 Responses to How to Write a Bad Government Paper

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your pictures and title made me laugh, that is something you would do. It defentily caught my eye. You had good examples between fact and opinion. Good job.

  2. Lucas Ivy says:

    I agree with you that you must have evidence behind your opinion or I doesn’t really hold any ground. Good topic choice.

    Lucas I.

  3. Tanner R. says:

    You had great examples for your topic. Very well thought out and written. I loved the way you discussed fact and opinions. Great paper.

  4. SaintsGOV16 says:

    I agree with your opinion, and you mentioned “perfect freedom” in your paper and said to protect their security, people have to give up their perfect freedom, I respectfully agree with this opinion, and your have a deep understanding of the government’s significance.

    Yi L

  5. SaintsGOV16 says:

    I agree with all of these people, your paper was really good. The examples, facts, and differences were all good. I would recommend people read this to know how to not write a bad Government paper. I love the pictures!


  6. SaintsGOV16 says:

    thanks for the comments!!:)

  7. SaintsGOV16 says:

    Good job.

  8. Katie K. says:

    I agree with Hannah I think you had really good facts and opinion that you did a good job discussing between the differences. You also did a really good job discussing your examples and backing them up with detail.

  9. Sophia I. says:

    Your essay is well written so I think you can change your title. The examples that you used were very good and went well with what you were trying to say. The pictures were a great touch even though they did’t go with your topic.

  10. govhannahb says:

    Good examples over your topic. Absolutely love how you used pictures of donuts and a cute dog, even though those pictures were misleading they are the reason I read the article. You did a good job discussing the difference between fact and opinion, and explaining different view points.


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