Constitution: Rediscovered

In government I’ve learned how to use the Constitution and be able to easily find the right amendment for each of the questions you had given us for the “Constitution Project”. During the project, my group and I were able to look in the constitution to figure out if what the person was either being accused of or being punished for.

Before this project, I have never looked at the constitution, nor have I have even thought of ever taking a glance at it. This project helped me understand more about Government and how it works, and whenever someone is prosecuted, what law or what amendment they have disobeyed. Come to find out that most of the questions were even based on true events that had happened, and it amazes me on how interested I was to learn if what had happened to the person in the question was right or wrong.

Before coming into Government, I never thought I would be so participative as I am. I have never been interested in any of the events that were going around the nation or even the world. I didn’t know there was such thing as being a moderate politician.

In Government, you have helped me have my own voice, whether it was during school, class or at home. I have been able to speak for myself and what it is right for others, but i don’t just go around abusing itimgres-1, only when I’m in bind. But before this class, I have kept my mouth shut and never gave my opinion in an argument with friends or family. Now, they are used to me butting in on an argument or look to me to settle one.

In one of the questions in the project, it talked about a person’s right to the death penalty (question #9). States that Lenny is mentally challenged and is being was going to be sent for execution for the murder of Curley’s wife. At first glance of the question, you think that the court made the right decision on sending Lenny to the death penalty, but the fact that he is mentally challenged changes everything. Mentally challenged people usually don’t know that what they are doing is wrong and you get his friend George to speak for him, and he says that Lenny is not a bright guy but works hard. Even though he does kill a person, it is against the 8th amendment to do this. The 8th amendment protects those who are having a cruel and unusual punishment.

So, you see that what they are going to do is cruel for them to do. Another case that I was very interested in was Shelley Tre and “Tebowing” in the endzone. You know it is wrong for the Principal threatens to suspend Tre for doing so. You automatically know that this is a violation to the 1st Amendment. The principal has no right to do that, and if he did, he would have a case on him and would more than likely lose his job.

This project has helped me a lot to understand Government and understand the Constitution as well. I want to thank you for how hard you push us to be responsible responsible, engaged, involved, participating citizens in our American democracy

Noah M.


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We are students in Dr. Ostroff's sections of U.S. Government at All Saints' Episcopal School in Fort Worth, Texas. (

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