Blame The Gun or to Blame The Shooter?

Isn’t it crazy how so many incidents have been occurring with someone shooting someone else. On October 9, 2015 there was a shooting at Northern Arizona University, where a young man had a gun shot four people, one died and three were wounded. As I read through the article on USA TodayI began to think about how could someone do that. Then I begin to do further research, people saying our 2nd amendment should be taken away. It’s not the guns fault that it shot someone, it’s the person in control of the triggers fault.

The reason for this shooting is, in my opinion, ridiculous. There was conflict between two fraternities which led Steve Jones to grab his gun out of his car, come back and firing shots. 

NAU shooting suspect Steven Jones (Northern Arizona University)

In the article, it doesn’t mention if Steve was licensed to have a handgun or not, which is a crucial factor in this case. When you have worried parents, students, and school faculty the easiest that some people may believe is take away the gun. However, the second amendment states “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” A gun can be used for protection or for power. Many American citizens believe taking this amendment away will stop the shooting. I personally do not understand the thought process of someone who believes that taking the gun away will stop the shooter. If we were to ban guns what would that solve? Drugs are illegal, except for in Colorado and Washington, but for those other states we all know that if someone wanted drugs they could get drugs. It works the same way with guns, if someone wanted a gun and they were banned they could still find a way to get a gun. In Texas to buy a gun the legal way you have to show them your ID, also have a permit for the gun, and lastly you need a concealed handgun license. I understand not everyone gets their concealed handgun license, but if we were to ban guns nothing is going to change. It’s not how we buy the gun or where we buy the gun, it’s about the person who is buying the gun and their intentions.

As I read through more cases involving a shooting almost all of them are about using a gun for the wrong reasons. Not once have I read that some civilian saved the day by shooting the shooter, before the original shooter shot more. The reason is not everyone realizes that owning a gun is for our safety, not to harm others unless something was happening and that was the last resort. Maybe if more citizens of the United States adopted the second amendment there would be less tragic stories, because someone stopped the shooter before he could end more lives.

We can’t change the fact that a gun is made for shooting, or the fact that some people whopossess a gun shouldn’t even be around one. Tragic events happen everyday, we see videos that came from a standby but where is the hero? Where is the brave soul to put a stop to this? It’s the person who has the power to take the down the criminal whether it’s with force or with a gun. The second amendment shouldn’t be banned or changed, the people who have access to a gun should be changed.



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14 Responses to Blame The Gun or to Blame The Shooter?

  1. Lucas Ivy says:

    I really like your choice of topic. I completely agree with you that taking away a persons right to bear arms would not fix anything. There have been maybe one shooting in the past few months that has actually been committed by a licensed gun owner. Great job with this post!

    Lucas I.

  2. SaintsGOV16 says:

    I completely agree with you on this topic. Taking away the right to have a gun won’t solve any problems it will only cause them. People will, like you said, find a way to get a gun if they really wanted to.


  3. SaintsGOV16 says:

    this is interesting AmandaS

  4. SaintsGOV16 says:

    I agree with what Hannah said, people will find ways to get illegal things like when alcohol was illegal. Banning guns will not stop people but better regulation will help contain mass killings

  5. 16goitej says:

    The shooters should be blamed, not the guns, I agree with your argument. But I believe some actions need to be taken in order to reduce the number of gun related deaths. I personally believe that regulations need to taken in order to control the distribution of guns. Mental health check tests when purchasing a gun for example, will not completely remove these incidents from happening, but could hopefully reduce the number of mass shootings. We cannot simply remove guns from citizens because they have been part of American lives for decades.. The right to own a gun is also protected by the second amendment in the constitution. There’s no doubt that more guns means more deaths (statistically speaking). States with tighter gun control laws have fewer gun-related deaths as well according to this article ( Most gun deaths in the United States are suicides, not mass shootings. Thus, I think that we should not blame the guns, but help the those with mental health problems.
    I am not trying to make an argument here, I’m just trying to look at this never ending issue from a different perspective.

    • govhannahb says:

      Jose thank you for your feed back, I really appreciate the fact that you even gave me a site to visit. But when it comes to suicide those individuals have already made the decision to end their life and they choose a gun because it’s the easy way out, if we take the gun away they will find an alternative.


  6. govallenah says:

    I agree with Hannah! I love everything you said and everything that this involves because the guns themselves are not the problem. Your example is great and your way of supporting your opinions.

  7. SaintsGOV16 says:

    I love your topic and i completely agree with everything that you said. I love your example and I think that your paper is very organized and well written!

  8. Sophia I. says:

    I agree with what Hannah said, it is the people who own the gun that should be regulated and not the guns themselves. I like your example and how you use that to further develop your essay.

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