Murder Scene On Camera

AdamWardWhat a tragedy.  Reporter Alison parker and cameraman Adam Ward were brutally murdered Wednesday, August 26, in Moneta, Virginia during a live interview.  Who could’ve done something like this?  It was none other than Bryce Williams; ex fellow journalist on WDBJ-TV.  All Williams life he reported problems of “racism”, but it was after he lost his job he had had enough.  This was an act of revenge and what he thought to be racism.

What we have learned in Government this year is to not only dig deeper into politics, but to also look at it from both sides of the spectrum.  That is exactly what I have done.  I went to great depths of this story to find out the real reason why a successful man like Williams would do something like this.  I also tried to keep my bias out of it and look at it from the opposing side.  Honestly, I don’t think we will ever be certain if he was racially attacked by his fellow workers.  It is now all just speculation and personal beliefs.  Society today has made it to where everything is taken as racism, especially between blacks and whites.  Instead of it just being some crazy man who was a little butt hurt that he lost his job, they have to dig deeper and cause more problems between the black and white communities.   It is the easy scapegoat.  If a white man kills a black man he is a racist, and if a black man kills a white man, he was being racially harassed.

Reporters say that Williams complained about being racially harassed by his co workers often and this would cause fights in the office.  After a fight turned ugly, Williams was let go from WDBJ-TV.  Some say that it was this racism that led him to violence, but I on the other hand feel differently.  I believe Bryce Williams was a difficult and angry man that couldn’t take criticism because of the way he was raised.  When a white person would criticize him, I believe he would take it as an act of racism and throw a fit, and after the fight when he got fired just pushed him over the edge.  

“A 23-page fax to the network arrived almost two hours after the shooting. It came from someone who identified himself as Bryce Williams.  In the message, according to ABC, the gunman said the Charleston, South Carolina, church shooting in June is what put him over the edge, but he wrote that his ‘anger has been building steadily’ because of racial discrimination and sexual harassment he claims to have endured” (-ABC News.)  He not only is concerned with the racism directed toward him, but also those around the world.  Since he got fired from a white person at WDBJ-TV he got pushed too far.  He saw that as the last straw and wanted to show the world how he felt.  Even though he got fired for causing fights in the workplace and not for his color he ruined the lives of two.  

Was it revenge?  Was it an act of racism?  It was a little of both.  I believe it was racism that was built up over a matter of time, but I do not think that he was harassed in the workplace.   Over time racism in the world rubbed off on Bryce and he became angry and when he was released from WDBJ-TV he decided it was time for revenge.  In the end, the lives of three people, including Bryce Williams, were taken, and nothing was ultimately resolved.  Only heartbreak and more racism is the result.



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