Equality in Marriage…

We are in 21st Century now so everything is equal. Especially, there is an event that made everybody in the world give their attention to it. It is about the Supreme Court of United States has allowed the same-sex marriage in America. It effected to everybody all around the world. I was in my country, Vietnam, when they allowed it. And all the people in my country is very happy. They celebrated it with their friends, their family, even it is not allowed in Vietnam. But still that movement of the United States, has changed everybody’s mind about gay marriage. I think every country in the world should have allowed it too. Because everybody has their love, they can love whoever they want, we do not have a right to stop them, prevent them from their love. United States has done a good move to allow it and I appreciate that a lot.



About SaintsGOV16
We are students in Dr. Ostroff's sections of U.S. Government at All Saints' Episcopal School in Fort Worth, Texas. (www.aseschool.org).

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