Pushing for Human rights in Malaysia

President Obama has begun to heavily push the ideology of more readily human rights to many countries in Asia. Specifically he has most recently been promoting these ideas to Malaysia. In the very recent past Obama has directly contacted the Prime Minister and held a speech promoting the use of human rights in the manner that America gives rights. Obama even said in this conference “Those values are at the core of who the U.S. is, but also I think are a pretty good gauge of whether a society is going to be successful in the 21st century or not.” This is very true that basic human rights are completely necessary and moral in every sense, yet by pushing the core ideology of our county on others, it could eventually cause major problems. If Malaysia did not want this idea of human rights to be spread throughout their county and it was directly from the United States, it could compel them to enter into some form of conflict. This conflict could be passive or aggressive depending on the severity of the situation. If Malaysians began to truly realize how much oppression they experience they could even revolt against their government, and the government would immediately blame this action of the US. It was an odd integration though, because Obama only had direct interaction with Prime Minister Najib Razak, when the opportunity arose for Obama to talk to the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, he sent a national security advisor to do so. Obama is going to be interacting with 3 other counties in Asia with practically the same agenda. He is attempting to push other counties into having a better system, allowing for more appropriate human rights. Obama plans on going to the Philippians in the near future and is expected to put a ten year security agreement into effect that would allow more troops to be held there, which will cause more territorial disputes with china. He says it is necessary because he is protecting our Allies who reside in Asia, and will help protect them from China. This can be problematic just as pushing ideas on other counties is, and should be taken care of in a delicate manner. Obama is not doing anything unconstitutional; it is in his power as a president to advocate freedom the other counties of the world. That and it is probably the most moral way to handle that situation, by helping many other less fortunate people in an oppressive country. Personally, I think actions like these would cause more harm than good. This because a fair amount of animosity is created through these interactions and the animosity could be directed right at the US. Once that happens it goes from just trying to help a country to having some sort of conflict with said country. If it has to be done, in this case already in action, the situation should be dealt with very carefully and without stepping on any toes.





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