The effects of war

All of my life, I have grown up in a world surrounded by hatred and war. Where countless innocent lives are taken daily and sons are taken away from their mothers when they go off to fight for their country. There’s a cycle of hatred in the world that doesn’t seem like it will ever end. If an American is killed by a Russian, an American will kill the Russian to get revenge. This small catalyst is enough to start a domino effect on a nation that leads to a full on confrontation. I wonder often what sparks us to do things like this? Why do we start wars with other countries and why do we kill our fellow man?

The obvious disadvantage of war is the fact that so many people are killed in such a short amount of time, often for the foolish quarrels of old men who have authority over them. Take the Second World War for example, over 60 million people were killed in less than a decade. That’s a lot of people. While there certainly hasn’t been a war to such a terrible degree, the world has had several conflicts for silly purposes. In the past, war was used to restore balance to the world and to withhold justice. Now? War is used to gain and money. Many of the wars in the middle east were based almost solely off of the fact there was oil in their countries. If that’s all that war has become, then why do we have war? Why do we kill others if it’s just to get more money? That doesn’t seem like a very good reason to go to war.

There’s a lot of negatives of war, but in my research I was able to find a few positive things that war can bring even though death is such a negative result. A lot of technology that we use today is product of war because we were striving to improve as a country in order to defeat our enemy. Wars also help with economic growth by providing a number of jobs and manufacturing companies thrive because their production is needed. These seem like good reasons to go to war but do they outweigh the negatives? Think of all of the damage that was does to the environment, especially in modern warfare where we can bomb a city to the ground in a couple of hours. War doesn’t just kill the people who participate. It kill their homes, their animals, their plants, and ultimately their country. It’s hard to grasp the concept of why the world as whole would allow wars to happen if they’re destructive just by pure nature. Is money really that important? I’d rather live every single day of my life poor than have to see more events like the tragedy of 9/11, which is a perfect example of why war is wrong. Thousands of innocent people are killed in a couple of hours because of the hatred in the world. It sounds impossible because it honestly like is, but why can’t we stop war altogether? Why can’t the human race strive to act as equals? We shouldn’t be separated by country, but rather we should be united as one group trying to peacefully exist.



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