The Dangers of Legalizing Marijuana

With the legalization of marijuana becoming a growing issue in the United States, more and more states are joining in on passing the law. Twenty states, along with the District of Columbia, have legalized the use of marijuana in different forms. Most are only for medicinal purposes, besides Colorado and Washington, which legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. The legalization of marijuana is just the start to a change in the country, and it will only make the pressure of legalizing more Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 6.54.08 PMunnecessary things worsen.

While it is possible to see both pros and cons to legalizing this drug, the cons are more substantial and reasonable. The goal of a state is to protect the health of their citizens, and by producing a substance that could harm them, they are breaking their constitutional right to protect the people. Another strong argument is that making these drugs easily available to people will create new users instead of the same consumers using them. People who never felt like going out of their way to get these drugs will now have an easy opening to find them and become addicted, which leads to the next point.

Drugs are an addictive substance, and they take away free will from the consumer. Marijuana contains more than four-hundred chemicals, and the strength of these chemicals is growing every year. Someone who is using drugs cannot make rational and smart decisions because the drug takes away the ability of the user to think logically. The effects of drugs are also very serious. It not only can affect the user, but also people associated in their life. Violence can be one symptom of a drug user, along with the neglect of children by their parents. Drugs are not cheap, and many people who are addicted spend all of their money on finding and feeding their addiction. They often times become so involved with the drugs they lose their jobs and the people who care about them.
3636924823_LegalizingMarijuana_xlarge             Marijuana might not necessarily be the most dangerous drug, but it leads to people trying out more dangerous substances. “Long-term studies of drug use patterns show that very few high school students use other illegal drugs without first trying marijuana” (Drug Abuse). Marijuana can affect the brain, especially during the development stage. These changes can make drugs seem more appealing, and being exposed around people who use drugs increases the chance of a person to be encouraged to try more intense substances.
Marijuana affects problems with learning and memory, it can distort perceptions in life, it hurts car coordination, and it increases heart rate. It gives people hallucinations, which is extremely dangerous to the brain. It also hurts the lungs, and gives people the same problems from weed as those who use tobacco. There are also many questions of whether it causes lung cancer or not. It not only hurts people short term, but it can have long term effects as well. Legalizing marijuana will make the use of these substances more common, and even though more states only use it for medicinal purposes, it won’t be long until it’s legal for recreation in every state. This is only the start to a change in the young adults of America, and it’s a turn for the worse.


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