Walking While Texting- The Dangers

We have all heard the horror stories about the accidents that come with texting and driving, but is it just driving? Recent studies prove there to be more actions that, when paired with texting, can lead to accidents, injury, and even sometimes death. Virginia Tech researchers found that texting while driving creates a risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted. This statistic is shocking and only creates more urgency to make people aware of the dangers and risks. Activities such as driving and walking paired with texting causes a dangerous distraction that can be harmful to others around you.





            A recent PSA put out by Japan depicts what 1500 people simultaneously texting and walking would look like- and the mess it makes! The Japanese mobile carrier, NTT Docomo, says that every 1 out of 5 people who text and walk end up injuring themselves or being in an accident. Normally people just hear about all of the negative things that go along with texting and driving, but this PSA really demonstrates all of the things that could go wrong with being distracted by your cell phone. Another alarming statistic according to Professor Kazuhiro Kozuka from the Department of Media Informatics at Aichi University of Technology, only 547 people out of the 1,500 people texting would safely making it across the street depicted in the video without an accident. “Of the 953 remaining participants, there would be 446 collisions, 103 people who tripped and fell and 21 who dropped their phones.” Coming on back to the USA, texting and driving is a rising issue. One city in Idaho even made using an electronic device illegal, according to America Now News. A recent study at the University of Arizona conducted by Dan Judkins explains the risks and what could possible happen to a person or the people around them while texting and walking. “Judkins says that most injures involved with texting and walking were broken ankles, fractures and lacerations, but the consequences could be much worse.” Although there aren’t nearly as many fatalities involved with walking while on your cell phone than there is texting and driving, there are still incidents popping up, which raise eyebrows to many people. Almost 65% of people text while walking, and when studying 13 to 17 year olds, that percentage jumps to 75%! By making the life threatening statistics aware to these people, I believe that this problem will stop before it gets to be too large. By providing a positive example of how to act while engaging in serious activity, people will begin to realize how important focusing is. Leading by example is key!



            Although the urgency to stop people from texting and walking is not as eager a topic as texting and driving, it is still a problem that needs to be fixed before anyone else gets hurt. Numerous people could be saved from risking injury, and even more would be saved from the potential of harming other people (or maybe taking it behind the wheel). So by helping people realize the true harm in walking while texting, our world would be one step closer in being a safer place to live in. 


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