Flight MH370

Most everyone has been listening to the news recently, and I bet most of them have heard of the Malaysia airplane flight MH370 crashing into the Indian Ocean. The efforts of Americans and Malaysians alike were combined to “search for the plane over the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea, where the plane’s last communications were, and then shifted west to the Strait of Malacca” (http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2014/04/02/malaysia-jet-mystery/7192627/). The reason this airline crash has been heading the news for the past week is because of her mystery behind the plane failure. USAToday states “a police investigation may never determine the reason why the Malaysia Airlines jetliner disappeared” (http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2014/04/02/malaysia-jet-mystery/7192627/). The flight is so mysterious because of the lost contact with the plane and then the reconnect with contact with the plane being miles off course. Authorities have no recordings of any pilot assault nor do they know about any food poisoning of passengers or a terrorist threat. Compared to other plane crashes, Malaysia’s flight MH370 could be compared to Amelia Earhart’s plane disappearance. Most planes are found after a fatal crash due to radio signals and the important black box locating device, which investigators cannot seem to find for the Malaysia flight.
Airline crashes in United States and Canada


So how does this relate to a governmental standpoint? The possible threat of terrorism is what strikes this crash as a point of contention within the government and what actions should be taken. At first, there were millions of theories about the flight, some about television show parallels, some about a Malaysian attack on United States domestic flights, some about the finding of the plane. With Obama apparently focused on the Ukraine and Russia, the Malaysia flight sparked some scary thoughts into Americans about a possible incoming war. Thoughts of more terrorism and a repeat of September 11,2001 haunted the minds of United States citizens. This crash was more than a sad moment for the families;it was interpreted as a deliberate attack and concern spread like wildfire. But now, tensions have settled and the search will continue. International Business Times states “The Malaysia Airlines flight MH370’s full audio transcript was recently released by the Malaysian government. According to a report by CBC.ca, the audio communication is important because the investigators will be able to find out if there was any tension inside Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. If indeed a fire broke out or if the pilots were having problems, it should have been reflected in the recorded conversation between the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and ground control, but there was not an ounce of anxiety or apprehension” (http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/546139/20140402/malaysia-airlines-flight-mh370.htm#.UzwehdS9KK0). here is the full transcript.

So now what? Well, the search continues. But many families will have to face the outcome of this crash and the death of loved ones. People will accept the fate that came about. But the United States will not stop searching for those Americans lost on the domestic flight of Malaysian Flight MH370.


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