What’s Wrong with NSA Wiretaps?

                While the idea of NSA wiretaps seems unsettling to any American, when the pros outweighs the cons it is definitely worth it. Even though most Americans don’t feel coImagemfortable with the idea of the government watching over every call they make and text message they send, why that is a problem is the real question. Most Americans should not have to hide anything, and if so what exactly are they worried about the government finding? They don’t read every individual text message or listen to all the phone calls that happen. They only track people who they have reason to be suspicious of, who need to be tracked. They don’t want to spend their time listening to people’s conversations about their everyday life; they track the real criminals. Listening in on these wiretaps have stopped a total of fifty-four attacks. While this number may seem small, the amount of lives being saved in total is more than worth it.   

                  The people who claim that it’s a violation of freedom and privacy are right, but if the American government does not do everything in their power to be able to save lives and stop harm coming to our country, we will lose freedom completely. Why should people care if their texts are being monitored? Unless they have something to hide, these wiretaps will do them no danger. The government officials do not care about a man having an affair, or just normal everyday conversations. They choose people who use words that stick out to them, such as “terrorism” and “bombs” and “threats”. Even if it does go against the Fourth Amendment, the wiretaps are only being sued for safety, and the only people affected are those who are planning to commit the crimes and those whose lives are saved. The government can only listen to a phone call for a certain amount of time anyways (How Wiretapping works). Why not let the government listen to our phone calls? If we have nothing to hide we shouldn’t worry about what they could hear.

                 If ten people were saved at each of the fifty-four terrorist attacks that were stopped by wiretapping, that would be a total of five hundred and forty people. The attacks could have even been bigger. If every attack harmed around one hundred people, that’s over five thousand people that the government is able to save. If they had heard the threats about 9/11, that would be over three thousand people who could still be with their families and loved ones today. If someone was told that they would die unless the government was able to wiretap the public’s phones, they would Imageno doubt say that wiretapping should be legal when it’s their own life being taken. Some people do not understand how many lives could have been taken away with all of these terrorist attempts until it’s something that affects them. Someone’s personal feeling of privacy should not be put before saving lives. If the United States just sat by while people around the world were being killed, we wouldn’t still be a country of freedom. It seems more unjust not to try to save lives than to keep with the Fourth Amendment.

If people don’t like the way they American government runs, then they can leave.





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