Turmoil in the Ukraine

Slowly in the recent past has large amounts of violence been escalating in the Ukraine in forms of protest. These protests began in Kiev in November of 2013, yet at that point in time all protests were peaceful and no violent out lashes had occurred. The origin of these protests was from the simple fact that Yanukovych, the Ukrainian President, rejected an accord with the European Union in favor with further relations with Russia. The European Union is a large union of 28 other countries that would participate in political and economic contact, which would benefit Ukraine greatly. The people were immensely displeased to hear that their president turned down this offer and in instead would continue to associate with Russia; because of this protests began to grow in violence little by little. The president seemed to have the best interests of the people in mind in this whole ordeal though, because if the Ukraine was to separate from Russia to form a tight bond with more Western countries, this could cause extreme turmoil between the two counties. The citizens did not have the same outlook though, and began to arise in larger numbers through grassroots mobilization. This is where people with the same ideology teamed up together to try to cause change in the larger community and eventually the eyes of the overseeing government. When massive amounts of citizens began to group together in larger and larger masses it became more obvious to the government that the people were not pleased with the situations outcome.

Protesters in Kiev's Maidan, 16 February 2014

Yanukovych did not give in though, and on the 18th of February of this year it truly began to deteriorate and on February 20th it erupted into total riots between the citizens and the police forces. This massive riot ended in 77 deaths and over 600 injuries to both rioters and law enforcement. Through all this pain and suffering there still seems to be no good brought of it, because the great tension between the citizens and government persist on the issue at hands. There is also a great divide in the people of Ukraine themselves.

Map: Ukraine's political and linguistic divide

Eastern and Western Ukraine are quite different in the people who reside there, the farther west you go into the Ukraine the more Russian it becomes. Because of this this grassroots mobilizations are not as effective being as a fair amount of the population is actually on the side of Russia being their biggest ally. This is also why in the very recent past Russia has actually mobilized troops into Ukraine, Putin says it is to protect the Russian population within the borders on Ukraine from the horrid protests that are occurring all around them. There is a large possibility that Russia is only doing this to keep the Ukraine its economic ally though. It is extremely obvious that the whole situation is still being played out, and the outcome is fuzzy with no clear outcome. America has even considered being the world police once again and intervening in the situations, that is sure to only end in more turmoil. 


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