WHAT is Edward Snowden?


Is Edward Snowden a hero who should be rewarded for releasing the private information on NSA tapes?


Is Edward Snowden a traitor for informing Americans that our private phone calls were being taped?


Is Edward Snowden a man who did what he thought was right for our country, he maybe didn’t release the information in the best way possible, but is now being punished and scrutinized for his actions?

I think so.

After several years of compiling information and using his involvement with the government to gain access to top-secret information, Edward Snowden broke the news to the public that the NSA was tapping into our personal phone calls and keeping the information.  For Edward Snowden, releasing this information was only to help the citizens of the United States.  In his eyes, he felt the people of America needed to know that they were being watched and that their privacy was being invaded.  Many view Edward Snowden as a hero and are very grateful he had the guts to release this information to the public under his name.  Others feel the United States was put in danger by releasing this information.  While the United States was monitoring the phone calls of their own citizens, it was also hacking into some of the phone wires in foreign countries, some of these countries being our allies.  Because of this, many Americans have labeled Edward Snowden as a traitor and a man who was not thinking of all situations when releasing this information to the public.  Whether Edward Snowden is a hero or a traitor is up to debate and there is no correct answer, it is an opinion.  There are two sides to each argument, and both arguments contain valid points, and I do not agree completely with one side or another because I believe the situation is too complex to have a right and a wrong.  I believe Edward Snowden is a man who should not be hated for doing what he thought was right and standing by his morals even if it was not the best way to go about it.



As an American citizen, I like to know what is happening in my country and especially what is happening involving the government.  As Americans, we are so fortunate to live in a country full of freedom and trust and I live each day with the knowledge that my country is looking out for me as an individual.  So, when I find out the personal lives of American citizens are being listened to by our government, I am a little upset.  I am upset that a line has been crossed and I am upset Ididn’t know about it.  Because of this, I am thankful Edward Snowden released this information because now I am aware of what is happening behind closed doors in our government.  I am not happy about it, but at least I am aware that it is happening.

On the other hand, the NSA wiretaps held information that the United States was also hacking into the communications of other countries, even some of our allies.  The release of this information has led to frayed relationships and caused tension with countries that were formerly on good terms with.  So, while as an American citizen I would like to know that my phone calls are being monitored I do not want this information to lead to the possible harm of our country because of the loss of trust between our country and former allies.


There is also the argument that the information about the NSA wiretaps should have been released, but they should have been released in a different manner.  Once Edward Snowden compiled the information he needed, he immediately went to the media to expose what was happening behind closed doors.  He went through newspapers, magazines, social media, and television to release the information.  There was no buffer, no press, and no one to keep everyone calm, the information was released to the entire world and the United States citizens were left to try to heal any wounds that may have been created.  If Edward Snowden had released the information of the NSA wiretaps in a more professional and mature way, the American people may think of him as more of a hero and less of a traitor.

Although it was ruled legal, there is no way to judge whether Edward Snowden was right or wrong for leaking this private government information to the public.  Both arguments contain valid points that shine both a positive and negative light on Edward Snowden.  The situation is so complex and probably stems deeper than the average American citizen could ever understand making it unfair to give a man who did what he believed to be helpful to our country a label.

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