The Faulty Loop: Was The Mistake in the Open Ceremonies Really a Mistake?

Russia and the United States seem to never have been on good terms with one another. During the Cold War they were on opposing sides; even during the skirmish with Syria, Russia seems determined to rally against the United States in all situations. Everyone knows that recently the winter Olympics were held in Sochi, Russia. There were many concerns about the safety of the area, especially for Americans. There is also the anti-gay law put in place that prohibits gay rights protests ( Many obstacles had to be overcome; not just the ones on the snow, but the ones in politics and media as well. With all of this already in place, Russia made a faulty move. The last ring in the Olympic circlets failed to open all the way during the opening ceremonies. Could this have been a sign to Americans to keep out and watch their backs? Or was it just an error in machinery that caused the scandalous happening?


There has been a long, rich history associated with the Olympic rings represented at every Olympic gathering. “These five multicolored Olympic rings stand for the five continents where the athletes traveled from to take part in the sporting competitions of these Olympic events” as thought by the father of modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin ( There is no coloration in the picture above, so I will provide another picture with the colored rings presented.


“According to Olympic historians, the symbol’s significance is that its five colors and white background comprise all the colors in the flags of the nations that competed in the Games in 1912” says Frank Fitzpatrick, an Inquirer Staff Writer ( With the failure of the last ring to open, Russia immediately excludes countries from the bond the Olympics brings. Some spectators even relate the last ring to the North American Continent, comprising of The United States, Canada, and Mexico. 

Not only does Russia make an almost direct jab at America, the Russians go further by playing a song during the closing ceremonies as the Americans debut titled, “Don’t screw around, America.” ( | CNBC Producer). The lyrics are demeaning to Americans, saying things like “Don’t screw around, America. Here are some Russian wool boots since you’re probably freezing. What’s Siberia, what’s Alaska but two shores?” ( | CNBC Producer). With all this in mind, there grows a conspiracy that Russia is planning to start something big with the United States. Especially with recent news of Ukraine being invaded by Russia ( the taunting from Russia seems more probable than a mechanical error. Does this mean something big is about to happen?


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