Raise the Minimum Wage

Raise the Minimum Wage?


                The president says, “In the wealthiest nation on earth, nobody who works full time should have to live in poverty, not here in America.” I agree with that statement because I have seen my fellow neighbors who have a good job and work hard to be successful in it not have enough to get by. That just does not make any sense to me because our country has more than enough resources to let everyone live the life they want to live.  As inflation rises in this country, so will the minimum wage and that could mean the difference between someone being able to provide for their family, or having to wonder how they’ll get by every day. But getting the working class above the poverty line is not the only benefit raising the minimum wage will bring…it could also greatly benefit the economy because of the growing demand for better benefits.



                In America, we are encouraged to live the “American Dream” where you have a successful job, a beautiful family, and a nice suburban house. As far as I can tell, most Americans strive for this daily. Go to work, go home, sleep, and repeat. The sad thing is that you can’t just jump to be a successful business manager overnight, you have to work for it, and even if you work every possible hour you can, the minimum wage would still put the worker below the national poverty line. This specific issue is being portrayed in the spotlight right now because of the recent discharge petition that the democrats are pushing. This is when an absolute majority of the House of Representatives is forced to pass a floor vote even if the leaders who control the House floor are against it. Discharge petitions rarely ever work because of the lack of votes the opposing side gives, so the democrats are definitely brave for trying to enforce this. Even if this petition does not work, the main pro that is trying to be brought to the public’s attention is the fact the raising the minimum wage would have more benefits than harm. Senator Tom Harkin says that raising the minimum wage would mean about $25 billion more for GDP, 100,000 more jobs, and 28 million Americans getting a raise. A raise could mean the difference between an extra $5,000 a year which could go towards getting a higher education, or staying with the same job and not bettering yourself by say, going to law school. Personally, I do not think that it is fair that people working full time manage to stay below the national poverty line when they are putting their all in every day. With the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013, more than 17 million children in the United States would have a parent who would earn a raise and therefore help the child. With statistics like that, why wouldn’t anyone agree to raise the minimum wage? Some people argue that if we were to do this, it would cause the unemployment rate to rise and it would be harder for people to find a job. This may be true in some sense, but that would not stop people from looking. People will always need a job, and they’ll travel until they find one. Also, companies will always need employees, and they won’t stop looking and reaching out for them until they find them. As far as helping the economy grow, raising the minimum wage would in fact boost consumer demand, causing for a peak in sales. Low-income workers would spend their higher wages at local businesses.  So not only would the full time worker be above the national poverty line, but the economy would benefit because of increasing sales. And the increasing sales wouldn’t help the small business, but the large businesses and corporations which would, in the end, benefit everybody.



                If there was a choice to get the average hard-working American out of the poverty slum that they are all in (and can’t get out), I would hope that our country would come up with some solution to fix it. Raising the minimum wage is a great starting point to doing something about this pressing issue, and with more petitioning and statistics, American could get out of the poverty rut that it is in. More jobs, more employees, more money…what is not to love?



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