Party Training

      As a teenager in High School and soon to be in college, I do not have the time or the desire to pay attention to politics and make sure I am in the “in” with everything that is going on politically in the world. Usually how I get my insight about the news is through my parents. I observe politics through my mother’s democratic eyes and my father’s republican eyes. I listen to what they say and usually end up agreeing with either one of them on what the issue may be. The problem with this is that I am just agreeing with one of them because its all I know. I believe that this happens all the time, kids choose to be what their parents are because it is an easier alternative than going out and doing your own research to figure out your own view, and also most kids do look up to their parents and follow what they believe because they trust their parents.

           We are very influenced by our parents in many ways. My family has never been incredibly engaged with politics, so I tend to not be as engaged about my political opinions and views in class compared to those who grew up in a family extremely political absorbed. Parents are role models and children grow up learning from them. Psychologist, James Marcia, concluded that adolescents that have not gone through an identity catastrophe tend to conform to the expectations of their parents, including political attitudes. Jennifer Peterson is a good example of this. When voting, Peterson looked to her parents for information because they “knew” better than her, which influenced her decision on who she would vote for.

     The Gallup Youth survey taken showed that seventy-one percent of teens say that their political ideology was the same as mom or dad’s political ideology. Another factor of parents being such a big influence on political ideology is that teens look at being politically active as an adult duty. Most high school students are not focused on politics and news because in their eyes parents take care of that stuff. It is easier and more sufficient for teens to accept the views of their parents.

Parents influence us through out our lives. We look up to them and see them as people who know better than us. Our political views are highly influenced by our parents because of these reasons. I struggle with my political views because both of my parents have different views from each other but I do look up to both and do side with either on of them. I am an example of following my parents’ ideology.



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