Know the facts. Get the Truth.

In an attempt to become a more informed citizen, an average American would likely utilize the Internet to gather facts. The main problem is that most news sources are biased, which an average American has come to accept. A further problem arises when the average American realizes that he cannot believe even the seemingly credible sources.

Political cartoon satirizing the “mainstream” media because it is actually biased.


I am here to inform you about for one main reason: everyone should know the extreme bias of the media and the misleading individuals submitting this truthless information to the world. It has been established the the purpose of the parties is to get their candidate elected, but the extent to which someone would go to get elected is revealed by analyzing


Basically, the website aims at changing the American mindset to support President Obama. During the 2012 election, its main purpose was obviously to rally supporters for Obama. It achieved this by denouncing every negative statement made by conservatives, and providing an endless list of reasons why conservatives are bad. Jeremy Bird, director for Obama for America, stated “the site’s goal is to offer resources to fight back against attacks”.


Now, this website does not seem too terrible, and, at least, it has a clear purpose. In visiting the URL, the problem is presented promptly. Two years ago when the website was newly created and relatively uncriticized, its URL was Unfortunately the website received so much criticism that the web address was changed, but only the address and graphics were altered. Today, AttackWatch is masked by the much-less-dramatic title, Nevertheless, the website remains what it was two years ago, and some analysis is necessary.


The most infamous feature of this website is “Report an Attack“. There are several things wrong about this function. The word choice ‘attack implies something it is not. The dictionary definition of the word – to criticize strongly or in a hostile manner – shows the misleading nature of the word choice. Politicians receive much criticism, it comes with the territory, but few would go as far to say that they were attacked. For readers, this brings up feelings of sympathy for supporters and disgust for opponents. These feelings are bolstered when looking at the form for reporting an attack.


Report an Attack form

Report an Attack form

The source of the “attack” quickly deteriorates from understandable to ridiculous. A TV Interview is provable and likely to contain negative comments about Obama – whether or not it deserves to be reported is another story. Scanning the other sources on the drop down menu, my eyes are glued to “Rumor”. Have we suddenly teleported in to George Orwell’s 1984? Is it now necessary to report to the government the rumors circling society? Freedom of speech is greatly prided in the United States. Is it really freedom if it is now acceptable to report a rumor?


Orwell, in a letter concerning his purpose behind writing 1984, says that society has a “tendency to disbelieve in the existence of objective truth because all the facts have to fit in with the words and prophecies of some infallible fuhrer.” Basically, people believe what they hear – politics is no exception – because of their yearning for the truth. They are not offered the truth, so they believe the lies. I share this concern with Orwell and worry whether Attack Watch is the father of paranoia-based websites.


If the articles were fact based, there would be no reason for panic, but they are clearly biased. Links include “Romney’s Distortions” and “Obama’s Promises Kept“. Focusing on one of these “kept promises”, straight from the link, let’s look at facts.

The above bold statement is not based in facts. Looking at dollar amounts shows that our country is not “beginning to pull out” of the economic crisis:

The national treasury’s website displays the monetary value of the national debt.

You do not need to be good at math to know that  debt amounts are not improving when increasing. To see more sparsely supported articles check out (it forwards to


Understandably, one may worry about the future of the country based on the fact that the president is uploading websites to report rumors about himself and publicize fact-weak articles about himself.  This worry can be relieved by looking at the public’s response.


  • “In less than 24 hours, Attack Watch has become the biggest campaign joke in modern history” – The Washington Post
  • “This is the audacity of stupid.  The president must be in full panic mode.  There must be a sense of deep foreboding for Team Obama to go farcical” – The Washington Times
  • “Second-rate version of previous Big Brother sites created by Team Obama” – Fox News


Altogether, the website has inspired those who already supported Obama, and added ammunition to the legally obtained guns of the conservatives. Katie Hogan told the Washington Post that “100,000 people had signed up for the site in the first 24 hours.” Yet, conservatives provide ceaseless scoffing for the site.


To shed some hope for the country’s future: Fueled by Obama’s unkept promises surrounding healthcare, Americans are now questioning his credibility, altogether.


And now for some comic relief:


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