Is Minimum Wage Where it Should Be?

Minimum wage as it sits right now it at 7.25 per hour, and has been  that rate since 2009. This is a major issue to a large portion of the population, mainly because of the constant raise in living cost throughout the nation. If a person earning minimum wage works a full time job, they make around 15,000 dollars a year, and that is not an adequate number compared to the simple living expenses that come to a civilian living in even lower than optimum conditions. For people who work with tips the minimum wage is 2.13 per hour, leaving the chance to make even less money. Considering the fact that inflation causes the cost of even the most basic items to raise in price dramatically, then the overall living cost can become overwhelming when the limit on pay is set so low. This problem might not seem very important to some, because they make more money than the minimum and seem to overlook the people who do. The reason that the minimum wage is a problem that has quite a lot of gravity behind it, is because a bulk of the United States population operates on it, and  if the bulk of the population has more financial problems that could bleed over to more of the population of higher classes.

There has been actions put into motion to help raise the minimum wage, specifically President Obama when in his State of the Union address this year brought the minimum wage more attention. This attention eventually caused the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013 to be created with the help of many individuals and organizations. this act will increase the national minimum wage to to 10.10 per hour by 2015, and make the minimum wage keep up with the living expenses as the years go on. If this act really goes to its full potential it could be helping up to 30 million Americans.

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