Your employees are buying condoms- get over it.

It has recently been brought to headlines that a handful of major corporations do not want to conform to the new health care law because their religious beliefs morally prevent them from doing so. The affordable health care law requires businesses to provide health coverage to their employees- however, this health coverage includes the provisioning of contraceptives.

Contraceptives, in the eyes of Christian owner, David Green, of Hobby Lobby, and many other owners, are forms of abortions- which many Christians look down upon.

50 corporations are pending lawsuits against the Supreme Court because they feel as if they are being forced to break religious law. The problem with this claim is that the majority of such businesses like Hobby Lobby, have stated that they invite a multitude of faiths to work in their stores. So… These companies are aware that they must have employees that aren’t all Pro- Life. And the owners of these corporations all of a sudden decide that they want to enforce their beliefs onto their employees. This sounds bigoted on the employer’s part, because they are reeling in employees and making them think that they have the freedom of their own social practices, but not really.


In the above comic, a group of Catholic women are illustrated looking onto their religious officials, who do not want insurance to cover birth control.

Woman’s contraceptives can be used to treat a variety of conditions. Take into consideration a woman with chronic acne. In some types of medical acne treatments, the patients are required to take contraceptive pills because if a woman were to get pregnant, the baby would have deformities and would most likely die. In this case, the contraceptives are necessary for her to take in order to receive the acne treatment. Also, take into consideration a woman or man who cannot afford to have a vasectomy or a tubal ligation procedure. They need to use condoms, pills, or diaphragms until they can afford it.


These employees are relying on their work for insurance. The inclusion of contraceptives are necessary under health coverage. However, even though the government’s health coverage do not conform to the beliefs of ‘Pro-Lifers’, they conform to the general needs of the public.

Maybe Hobby Lobby, and the rest of these corporations, should employ people of their own beliefs, whom they don’t have to worry about ever participating in the purchase of these contraceptives in the first place, instead of getting upset when people who they employed want a prescription of Plan B pills.

If pompous Christian-Pro-life owners don’t want to offer contraceptive coverage to their not-all Christian employees and think they can defy the law, they will be fined a lovely 1.3 million per day.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!



One Response to Your employees are buying condoms- get over it.

  1. jmorton14 says:

    I think this is extremely interesting, because as you stated there is need for contraceptives, yet it can fall on the line where it steps on the toes of people who believe in pro-life. That would seem to be a hard decision for the heads of the 50 companies who are calling for lawsuits, this because it makes them choose between business and their beliefs. I find it completely ridiculous that companies that are Christian are refusing to give that part of medical benefits to their employees. It seems that a person would actually be imposing on another’s lifestyle for their own personal religion. The card they do have though, is the total power, as they did employ all those people. But I do agree with you in the sense that this is a stupid predicament that seems to have had quite a bit of effort put into it.

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